2 hurt after Richmond ambulance van runs off road, hits trees

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Ambulance photo

Ambulance crashes into woods (SOURCE: CBS 6 viewer Bill B.)

POWHATAN COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – Two people were hurt when a Richmond Ambulance Authority Van ran into trees off Route 60 in Powhatan, Virginia State Police spokesman Sgt. Thomas Molnar said.

“The 19 year-old male driver suffered serious non-life threatening injuries and was transported by ambulance to VCU Medical Center. The 27 year-old male passenger also suffered serious non-life threatening injuries and was flown by State Police Med-Flight to VCU Medical Center,” Molnar said. “There were no patients onboard at the time of the crash.”

The crash happened while the vehicle traveled in the westbound lanes of  Route 60 east of Ballsville Road about 11:30 a.m.

State Police continue to investigate what caused the ambulance to crash.

This is a developing story.


    • Christian Stafford

      Driver distraction does account for the majority of collisions—emergency vehicle or no—but don’t you think you’re being a little hasty? Your conclusion might be correct, but there are plenty of other factors that add a fair amount of nuance to situations like these: EMTs and Paramedics are subject to all of the usual hazards, demands, and responsibilities that come with operating any vehicle safely, plus the additional stress that long work hours (12 hour tours are the norm at RAA; some are 8, others are 16), time-on-task standards to meet, and system status demands that must be satisfied (i.e. demand for response exceeds the number of units available, making rapid turnaround critical so the next job in the queue gets handled) create.

      Why not extend a modicum of grace to the crew by giving them the benefit of the doubt until and unless the “black box” and further investigation warrants otherwise?

    • Tammy

      “Most likely”? You have no idea why this happened, Mr. Melacon. Why don’t you try waiting for facts before you jump to your conclusions?


    Why is it we got to say “he was being distracted with the radio”? How do you know that for sure? was you riding along with him? who is to say the young man who was driving wasn’t worn down by the job? I work as a EMT in a southern WV town where my ambulance is the only ambulance on the westside of our county. We cover 1 large town of about 1800 people and several rural areas with at least 500 or more in each area. From the time we go in at shift change. We run non stop. I’ve ran as high as 10 calls in one day. And we work in 24 hour intervals. either 48 or 72 hour straight shifts. oh and our turn around time from station to patient residence to hospital is about 3-3.5 hours. and Trust me when I say, energy drinks and coffee can only do so much before you are just beyond too tired to run a call, let a lone drive.
    Who is to say the young man driving hadn’t been on a long shift with hardly any sleep? or was coming back from a long distance transport? I never knew how much “driving” can wear a person down and make them tired until I got into EMS. I’ve been in EMS for 8 years now. Trust me when I say, more times than one I’ve made it home alive by the graces of God and seriously wondered how I made it either from station to hospital or from hospital back to station cause I nodded off so many times.
    There are always other factors other than being distracted by the radio or any other silly reason that could have been stated.
    My prayers are with the young men and I hope they have a very speedy recovery!!

  • barrybledsoe

    I’ll throw my two cents in here on Ron’s comment. It was probably a blown tire. Oh wait…I can’t say that, I wasn’t there. It was probably ice on the road (see the snow in the picture?) Wait…can’t say that either, I wasn’t there. He was probably swerving to avoid hitting a deer. Dangit…I can’t say that either. I wasn’t there. Get the drift Ron?

  • Barbara

    If anyone can see they were in a 40 miles intersection I cross over Ballsvile Road every other day & no one seems to want to slow down.I always say if I have a accident it is going to be there. People please go the speed limit!!

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