What do you think of VCU’s new logo

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – VCU Athletics unveiled its new look Wednesday.

“When you walk around our facilities and you see our marks and our logos, we had a wide variety of different logos around and we really did not have a coherent brand,” VCU athletic director Ed McLaughlin said in a video produced by the university. “As our next step in really becoming that national program, we really needed one solid strong brand and one solid strong logo and that’s what this is.”

McLaughlin said while it will take time to switch out all the logo across campus, VCU fans should start to see VCU apparel with the new logo this month.

What do you think of the VCU Rams new logo?

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  • Karen

    I like it but I think it would have been more fitting to give this project to the VCU Arts program rather than contracting it out.

  • Beverly Battelle

    I am disappointed that the logo was outsourced out of state when VCU has the top rated Brand Center and the Art School.

  • David Kees

    I echo the comments above. And the new Ram does nothing for me. If the Univerrsity Brass as any guts, they will ditch this logo and give the Brand Center a shot.

  • Ram Supporter

    So the athletic department decided ORANGE is a new school color????? I don’t get it. Not a fan.

  • maverick

    Another bureaucratic blunder by the administration……. Should have kept it in house Brand Center and with input by the student body rather than by some out of state consultant..and then…Only if a change was deemed necessary by the student body…. the administration will continue to alienate the ALUMNI by this sort of action.

  • Brendan R.

    The ram looks like a CARTOON. It looks like CLIP ART.

    Also, If you look at the VCU Athletics facebook page there are hundreds of upset students and alumni and the Athletic department has not addressed their dissatisfaction yet. This needs to be made right.

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