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Chesterfield police: Officer should have removed snow from cruiser

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(SOURCE: Holly on Facebook)

(SOURCE: Holly on Facebook)

(SOURCE: Holly Cohn on Facebook)

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – Chesterfield police say an officer should have removed the snow from his cruiser’s back window before getting on the road.

Holly Cohn posted a photo to the CBS 6 Facebook page Wednesday afternoon showing a Chesterfield police cruiser with snow covering its roof and back window.

“Just curious why the police don’t have to abide by the same laws that we pay them to enforce?#doublestandards,” Cohn wrote.

Facebook friend Kristina Parker said that the picture was snapped around 7:05 a.m. Wednesday at the traffic light at Hull and the Bailey Bridge.

Chesterfield police released the following statement after CBS 6 forwarded the department the photo:

“The snow should have been removed from the vehicle. We are addressing this issue with the officer involved. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.”

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  • Paula Kennedy

    Oh get a life people!!! You can tell his rear defroster is on and plenty of people do the same thing and as long as it was not blocking his view or lights, no biggie!!!

    • Daniel

      How can you tell that his rear defroster is on? I don’t think the photo actually spoke to you.

    • pickles

      Yeah. Tell that to the cop when he pulls you over for having your rear window covered in snow. “oh it’s no ‘biggie’ officer!

    • Jose

      A double stabdered is a double standerd just like the law is the law they are suppose to enforce the law as well and uphold the law they are always in the eye of the public and should carry them selves in the manner in which they were taught in the police acadamy there is no excuse for that period you lead by exsample just like the military i was a former soldier and i know just like that officer knows he fucked up period no excuses he was suppose to remove that snow befor he hit the road just like a soldier is suppose to have his hat on befor he goes out side u dont walk to ur car as a soldier with ur hat almost on or while ur trying to put ur hat on thats the wrong answer just like he was not suppose to leave his station with out removing the snow civies do things like that he is suppose to no better.

    • Angee

      Baa ha ha ha! Poor fella! Maybe he worked ALL NIGHT and didn’t have a broom or anything to clear it off with. He could obviously see out the back with the rear view mirror and side mirrors, so let’s be nice children– no pigs in the pokes!!! (LOL!!!)

    • Mike

      Regardless of what the law says, people who do not completely remove snow from their vehicles are LAZY and worse, STUPID!

  • Zackary

    Rear defogger is for removing condensation and frost, not for removing snow. The officer should be given a citation and be required to pay for that citation.

    • Ben Lent

      Zackary, you have no clue what you are taking about. There was no law broken, no federal, state or county ordnance so no citation can be issued to the office or anyone else who drives like that in Virginia

    • Jonathan Smith

      As much as I HATE COPS Especially Chesterfield, Beth is correct. There was no law broken. As long as he has two rear view mirrors (in this case the driver and passenger doors) and a clear field of view.. you cannot write him a citation. The largest problem with police and civilians now a days is that no one is familiar with the law and either write, or worse, accept tickets written that are not legally correct.

    • random

      It’s important because he could have caused an accident if he needed to back up and his snow could have flown onto another car causing another accident.

  • Zane Skipper

    Just last week I saw a cop avoid using a right turn signal in a right turn only lane. My friend got a ticket previously a few days before for the exact same thing.. I was going to record it but I didn’t want to get a ticket for having my phone out while driving.

  • So?

    Can anyone tell me if anyone here has been cited for this? Was the officer wrong…. yes. Did you departments say it was being addressed…. Yes. Are police officers humans to make mistakes…. Yes. I suggest we build a bridge and you get over it!

  • K.

    ^ I agree everyone makes mistakes but most cops won’t just let you go with a warning these days they fine you for every mistake.

    • Phil Healey

      Yeah, cops will usually let you go with just a warning… as long as you have the right skin color.

  • j crane

    As long as there are side view mirrors on both the driver and front passenger side door, its a mute point if the back window is obstructed.

  • Jon Jennings

    Yup 1 day late on your registration 80 miles from home… That’s a ticketing… 9 miles over the speed limit in the middle of nowhere? That’s a ticket too! Never mind u-turning on a 4 lane highway in the dark and then speeding at a high rate to catch me in a 45 zone where we were in town. (I was on the legendary 460 and had my car stopped in Hazzard I mean Isle of Wight county)

  • pickles

    I THINK! That who ever took this picture should get a ticket for using their phone while driving. As you can clearly see the light is green. Tisk tisk.

    • Cyndie

      Acually, if you look at that picture, it looks like it was taken from the passenger seat. The rear view mirror is in the left side of the picture, I don’t think that can be on the left of the driver……

  • KCCO...

    Is there a violation if the vehicle has 2 side rear side mirrors….as this one most likely does

  • bobby ratliff

    Although he should have cleaned the back window there is some forgiveness in VA Code 46.2-1052 providing the vehicle is equipped with two outside mirrors capable for the driver to see clearly to the rear for at least 200 feet.

  • Megara

    I agree ^ Who has time to clean their back window…some people have to get to work when its still freezing outside….let the defroster take care of it :D

      • athynz

        I’ve had to let the defrost work on snow and ice when I’ve had to rush into work – some things don’t allow one time to clean off the back window. And the whole derogatory “lazy” and “typical woman driver” detract from your point.

  • Ben Lent

    The story states there is a double standard that police should have to remove snow from back window. What state law or county ordnance requires the police or anyone in virgina to remove snow from a back window? Your back window can be totally blackout if you want it to be. The front and side need to be cleared but their is no dobble standard. Police can’t write you a ticket for a blockout back window any no laws are broken Code of Virgina. 46.2-1052B. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this section, whenever a motor vehicle is equipped with a mirror on each side of such vehicle, so located as to reflect to the driver of such vehicle a view of the highway for at least 200 feet to the rear of such vehicle, any or all of the following shall be lawful:
    3. To drive a motor vehicle when the driver’s clear view of the highway through the rear window or windows is otherwise obstructed.

  • Nathan

    Many cars (painted white vans for example) have no back windows at all. Really a non-issue imo. Have driven like this many a time personally, never gotten a ticket/

  • S&W380

    I was driving on 288 & sheets of snow and ice were flying off cars that had failed to remove snow & ice from their roofs & truck beds. It was definitely a hazard & dangerous to other cars on the road. Police officers are expected to abide by thd same laws/ rules that us citizens do. And having the rear window obstructed while driving is something an officer can write a citation for, am I correct? It only takes a few min to clean the snow off your car. Take the time & be safe.

  • Mike

    Its not the Law to remove snow from your vehicle, its just a safety concern. That should have been in the department policy which cover police officers.

  • Beth

    Holly and her friend Kristina are looking for their 15 minutes because they are young, stupid, and still run to mommy and daddy for everything. If this officer were responding to save their life or protect them from something, would they care about the snow?

    • Beth

      This picture is what happens when some little girls get the day out of school and take a joy ride around town to see what kind of trouble they can cause.

  • James

    Get a life seriously. Oh let’s take a picture of snow on A policed officers back window and upload it cuz I have nothing better to do with my life. Idiot

  • WorkingMan

    WHEN did the law change? For as long back as I can remember, people got pulled-over (and either warned, ticketed, or other) for having their rear windows blocked. I knew several people who did.

    But people are posting, here, that you can have your rear windows totally blacked-out if you wish. That was never true before. Unless they changed the law in the last couple of years. But I’m calling bull on that. Too much experience in life to be told that it’s perfectly legal.

    • Jonathan Smith

      In Virginia if you have two mirrors (such as the driver door and the passenger door) that are functional then you can spraypaint you back window black if you like. Think work vans , UPS drivers etc. I would think upon reviewing any states law that would be the case.

  • waste of an article

    If anyone should receive a ticket its the driver of the vehicle that took the photo . They are the one with the obstructed view with the red object hanging from their rear view mirror. #DOUBLESTANDARDS

  • jillyg9

    just notice that you are using your phone in a manner that is distracting and unsafe so you could also be pulled and ticketed. the light is green and the cars are obviously moving ahead. be careful what you complain about and how you go about doing it in the process.

  • JD

    I love catching cops breaking the law as much as the next guy and making sure they are treated with the same scrutiny as the rest of us in regards to that…..but seriously….this is not a crime or even anything wrong. Rear windshields are allowed to have an obstructed view so long as you have both side view mirrors cleared. Perhaps this might not be the exact case in every state. So basically, you might of just made yourself a revenge target for police for no reason now. Next time snap a picture of them beating somebody or something ;)

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