KKK flyers appear in Chesterfield neighborhood

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA. (WTVR) - When Royal Robinson went to check his mail Saturday morning, he found an unexpected surprise.

He said a flyer claiming to be from the Traditionalist American Knights of the Klu Klux Klan was folded up and placed on the side of his mailbox.

He and his wife say the flyer didn't just appear on their mailboxes, but other neighbors in the area.

"This is not welcome in our home," said Robinson.

CBS 6 reached out to the number listed on the flyer.

Frank Ancona, who said he is the imperial wizard with the KKK said the group does pass out flyers around the country. However, he said no one in his group would put the flyers on the mailboxes.

Ancona said it could have been printed by anyone.

"I feel like their freedom of speech isn't anymore greater than not receiving their speech," said Sharla Martinez, Robinson's husband.

Legal Expert Todd Stone said this sort of incident isn't a criminal offense, unless there were no trespassing signs or damages to the mailboxes.

Still, the flyers are ones that aren't sitting well with some neighbors.

"We don't really know when they did it, but it just seems a little sneaky," said Martinez.


  • Annie

    These incidents highlight how cowardly these folks are, if you believe so strongly in your cause then walk up to the doors, ring the bells and hand your flyers to the people who answer. Do it in the sunlight, why pass these out under cover of darkness?

    • JustCommonSense

      Where exactly did you see that is was done “under the cover of darkness”? “When Royal Robinson went to check his mail Saturday morning, he found an unexpected surprise.” I doubt his mail runs before the sun comes up.

    • WorkingMan

      Annie – hello? Doing this ‘under cover of darkness’ adds to the fear factor. And it obviously works. Why would they want to have a daylight discussion? The whole purpose is fear.

  • Glen Allen

    I thought all mail boxes technicallybelonged to the USPS, and that it is against the law to poat, or place anything other than official USPS mail upon them? In any event, it is best to just throw the flyer away and forget about it. Getting the media involved just gives them the free publicity they seek.

  • Robo

    In our vigilance of international terrorists, we need not to loose sight of the domestic brand of idiots.

  • PC

    So right, Robo. One is a domestic group that is Government
    sponsored, financed and profiled protected, nationwide; the other
    is not. Government/Media uses its Fund Raising and propaganda to create its environments and agendas.
    Too many coincidences aren’t coincidental.

  • icareviews

    Nobody takes the KKK seriously but the media minions who sensationalize their weak, vestigial exploits. I would shy away from associations with people who identify themselves as Klansmen if only because 1. they’re clearly reckless with the image they favor for white nationalism; and 2. there’s a good chance they’re either COINTELPRO or easily compromised by such infiltration.

  • art

    did that guy really refer to himself as a “wizard” can he cast spells like the wizard in lord of the rings, thats a real wizard

    • Manalishi.

      Wizard, lizard, gizzard. Thanks art for firing the first real shot. My 4 didn’t make it through the moderators. (censors)

  • Liz Morley

    Legally you cannot place a flyer in or on a mailbox. It must have postage. But no one bothers to prosecute an offense this minor.

  • JG

    Nothing is more infuriating than a website censoring peoples comments, especially when I haven’t used a single curse word.

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