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Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones considers new job

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Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones is considering a bid for Chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPV), according to Jones’ Deputy Chief of Staff Don Mark.

Mark said  DPV chairwoman Charniele Herring planned to step down at a March 15 meeting. Her replacement would be voted on at that time.

Mark said Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe supported Mayor Jones for the new role. Jones would still be mayor of Richmond while serving as DPV chair.


  • reeltime

    Please go, you will not be missed. Maybe we can get someone in here that will truely run this city the way it should, by the will of the people.

    • Manalishi.

      Sorry, not national, Supported by Governor Terry McAuliffe, He is only hurting VA democrats so it’s kind of like poetic justice.

  • RVA Excapee (not misspelled)

    I just wish that Party Comrade Mayor Mugabe Jones would quit using that camouflage name instead of the true identity of the Communist Part of Virginia. It is so much more accurate and descriptive of their Marxism.

  • PU.Stinks!

    So Party Perfect. For those that can’t Govern well, efficient, or effective;
    Party Rewards them with them two jobs at once. Is that Double Dipping?
    Now, More Scandals, Failures, Dysfunctions, Corruption, Collusion.
    More Democratic GIFTGATE with Democratic “Ethics”. More
    Democrats refusing accountability for their responsibilities of office,
    oaths, and government by rules, regulations, due process, and laws.

  • Ugh.

    Odd, the deportment, demeanor, integrity, ethics, character, form and substance Democrats chose as their celebrity politicians today.
    Moral Turpitude comes to mind; a legal term.

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