Carytown employees furious with new parking changes

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - For many people, parking spots throughout Richmond's Carytown can be scarce.

But, employees like Emily Gettings and other employees said they've been able to use the free public parking decks to secure a spot during their long shifts.

"It's essential really to have that deck there," said Gettings.

"I've been parking in that deck everyday for the last 15 years," said Dr. William Blair, who owns Animal Eye Care in Richmond.

However, employees aren't allowed to use the deck for extended periods of time now during the week.

Raul Cantu, President of Carytown Merchants Association said the group recently voted to add a three hour parking limit to the public parking decks Monday throgh Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

"We wanted to provide more customers rotation in Carytown and there's been studies done in the past that parking limits creates that," said Cantu.

Dr. Blair said this new plan is going to leave employees with no place to park during their work hours.

"Employees can't come out and move their cars every three hours or have somebody that comes out and moves the cars every three hours. That just seems ridiculous to me," he said.

However, Cantu told CBS 6's Chelsea Rarrick that there are plenty of places to park.

"I never have had a hard time parking. There's plenty of parking in the alley ways," he said.

But Emily Gettings said that plan is just not realistic.

"We are bring in a lot of the business being the merchants in Carytown. Just thinking that we won't have dedicated parking is a little anxiety inducing," she said.


  • Karen

    I shop in Carytown quite often and the employees are correct – there is limited parking. Why not issues employees a tag that will allow them to park in the deck for an extended period of time? Give customers the 3 hours time limit if you like.

  • Greg Faust

    I drive to Carytown a fair bit, and I usually try to find a street space near where I’m going. Forcing employees out of the decks won’t change the total number of cars in Carytown, but it will increase the number of cars competing for those street spaces.

    On its face, this looks like a terrible idea. In pitching this idea, Raul Cantu needs to do better saying “studies show…” For starters, at least show us the studies he’s talking about.

  • PC

    Not LovingRVA Attitudes and Agendas to Omnipotent Rule Over ALL.
    If Richmond “Heads” continue to Ignore the Richmond parking/traffic/
    congestion problems city wide, they will just Magically Disappear
    under PC. How long has Richmond had parking problems?

  • Deevamom

    If the employees have to park on the street or in the neighborhoods that will leave less or no parking for customers and homeowners. That’s why Richmond is not a welcoming city for tourists. City Council instead of bitching about the ball park worry about the businesses that are already here. I went to a city in Maryland that had a parking garage in the center of downtown where everyone could park and walk around to the stores and restaurants.

  • Pam

    Maybe they should just create MORE PARKING….a multi layer parking garage, like 4 or 5 stories high would hold hundreds of parking spaces and employees could get a set rate for the day and customers can pay by the hour. It would be worth it to avoid all the traffic in the streets caused by people stopping and looking or waiting for a parking space! The lack of parking is the main reason I do not go to Carytown and it saddens me because there are some shops I’d really like to go to eat and shop!

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