15 new stores, restaurants coming to Short Pump Town Center

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SHORT PUMP, Va. (WTVR) - There 15 new stores and restaurants slated to arrive at Short Pump Town Center this year, a mall spokesman announced Thursday.

The new businesses include:

  1. American Eagle Outfitters/aerie
  2. Athleta (now open)
  3. Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants
  4. Free People
  5. Gymboree (now open)
  6. Justice & Brothers
  7. kate spade new york
  8. Madewell
  9. Michael Kors
  10. Oakley
  11. Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery
  12. True Religion
  13. TUMI
  14. Vans
  15. Versona Accessories

“The addition of these new retailers and restaurants brings many regional firsts to Short Pump Town Center. The center continues to grow and build on its reputation as Richmond’s premier shopping destination,” Kem Blue, Vice President/General Manager of Short Pump Town Center, said in a statement.

In addition to the new stores, the mall announced a multi-million dollar renovation project.

"Renovations will include new gathering spaces, redesigned fountains, additional landscaping, a feature fireplace, enhanced way-finding signage and updated restrooms," the mall released in a statement. "The most significant transitions will include a new pedestrian bridge that spans across the Main Plaza, canopies over walkways and a new centrally located feature elevator, all of which will allow for easier access to upper- and lower-level retailers and restaurants."


    • Cathy

      I have worked for the company and can tell you they are renovating the current store and would have opened a temporary store but there was not a location to do so and they are getting an addition being an aerie store attachement which is really awesome!

  • PigsSux

    They pretty much just finished building this mall, and now they’re going to update this place? Why on earth do they need to update the crappers? They don’t need talking toilets, and you don’t want to spend more time in there then you need. I bet you that they will run out of money before they finish this project just like the last one.

    • Steve

      Because malls that get stale, fail. See Regency, See Cloverleaf. See Va Center Commons. Even Chesterfield mall.

      Not sure why people would complain about a private company renovating?

      This is one of the most successful mall on the east coast. I think they know their business.

      • JRen

        You make a great point Steve! I drive past all those places to get to Short Pump Town Center. Stoney Point a close second in my opinion. They definitely know their business better than we do, I hope they keep succeeding at what they are doing.

  • D-Pow

    Oh really now. And yet they still won’t put in any kind of store that sells electronic entertainment such as music, movies, or games. There’re plenty of clothing/accessory stores there already. Let’s get with the 21st century, people.

    • Erica

      You have to look at where the mall is located and who the main buyers will be, I live down the street from Short Pump. It’s a lot of high end buyers, why should they go to the mall and buy electronics when they could go around the corner to Best Buy or other places like the sort in the general area. They have a Brookstone, and the Apple Store I feel like that’s all they really need there to quench the electronics thirst.

  • Courtney

    I work for the Short Pump American Eagle now, we are just remodeling and adding an aerie store. It’s going to be a much bigger store!

    • Rob Martin

      No kidding. That place is miserable 7 months out of the year. Stony Point also. Stores are flocking out of that place.

  • Aj

    no stores i would care to go to why not add a diesel store thats a high end store American eagle really thats not really a high end store. They already have enough clothing stores though. Why not add a Macaroni grill or some new restaurants that we dont have currrently and are not
    in this area.

  • Lynn

    Henrico County is now becoming blighted. There are so many empty buildings, yet more new buildings keep going up. I avoid Short Pump as much as possible. The traffic is horrendous and does not endear me to shop there. I have discussed this with others and they all have expressed the same sentiment to me.

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