Couple claims Chupacabra killed outside house

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VICTORIA, Texas (WTVR) – An animal shot and killed outside a Texas couple’s home was a mythical Chupacabra, according to Doug and Lucy Ohrt. The Ohrts said their grandson shot the creature on their Texas ranch Sunday night.

But experts do not believe the slain animal is a  Chupacabra.

“They’re a mythical creature, but what most people see it really is sarcoptic mange which is caused by a mite that bites the animal,” Wildlife Biologist Josh Turner told “It can be on any mammal dogs, cats,  coyotes, foxes, and humans can get another version of it as well.”

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  • Kendra

    They have been watching too much General Hospital. lol The past couple of weeks they have been talking of the chupacabra.

  • Abraham

    So how many have been killed and photographed? Maybe 15-20 chupacabras? I’ve seen plenty of pictures and they’re NOT all mutated or mangy dog/coyotes. This is obviously it’s own species – weird, mostly hairless, fast and smart. I love Texas but how many identical ‘mangy dogs’ must be shot before they wake up and identify a new species? I’ve seen more pictures of whatever this thing is than I have of actual mangy dogs! Seriously, a new species pops up in Borneo almost weekly! This is is a hairless dog-fox, grey, very clever, obviously not bulletproof or mystical, but it’s not a mangy coyote. Where’s J.J. Audubon when you need him – Larousse? Dead I guess, like most taxonomists’ brains. People are just so resistant to new things.

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