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Blind man gets guns back after fatal shooting

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SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. (WESH) - A blind man who was acquitted of charges after he shot and killed another man got his guns back. While the Florida judge said he did not want to return the guns to John Rogers, the law required him to do so.

"I have to return property that was taken under the circumstance. I have researched and haven't found case law to say otherwise," the judge said.

Police confiscated Rogers' 10mm Glock along with a rifle used to kill a 34-year-old man during a March 2012 fight. Last month Rogers was granted immunity under Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law.

"I'm happy that justice was done," the legally-blind Rogers said following the ruling.


Rogers, who become legally blind in a construction accident, said he needed the guns for protection.

"It's my constitutional right. Second of all, I wasn't carrying these firearms around. I was in my house on five acres on a private road in Geneva out of the way," he said when asked about those who believed he should not be allowed to have guns. "The family has been through enough, and I feel like have been through enough, and I would like to retire, and put this behind me and move forward."

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  • Bob.M

    Since he was acquitted the incompetent shits holding onto his possessions should have immediately asked if he wanted his property back he should not have had to volunteer to recieve them he should have been told. He only spent 2 G0dDaiim years in jail only then to have all charges dropped. Never the less they needed a court order in the first place to confiscate any property from the former marine. Don’t let cops just take your guns first and only when they have the court order or warrant for seizure of “Specific Property” presented in front of your face and only then read it make dang sure it’s not falsified and ask for a receipt of what they sieze and ask the siezing officers to show you their identification and badge number with their full face and body in your picture remember cops get maximum deniability for professional accountability so be sure to keep those photos handy if your property becomes lost or stolen, tampered with or damaged in their custody since they are fully responsible for your firearms and property .

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