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Missing Chesterfield 12-year-old boy with autism found safe

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – Chesterfield Police spent most of the night searching for a missing twelve-year-old juvenile with autism.

Yurik Alexee Jones, of the 3900 block of Keswick Place, was last seen Monday afternoon about 2:30 p.m. after being dropped off at his school bus stop, according to police.

He was found safe at Krispy Kreme.

The family told CBS 6 that they believe Yurik walked a long way throughout the night.

He headed back towards his school, then to a convenience store on Hull Street and Turner Road, then he walked two miles to his sister’s house. She was with his mother, looking for him. Then he walked over to the Krispy Kreme.

The manager of the business recognized the juvenile from a picture and then called the police at about 9:00 p.m.  The juvenile was not injured and was returned to his mother.


  • John

    What’s with all of the old people and autistic kids going missing in the last couple weeks is it spring in the air. People need to start being charged for letting these people wander

    • Cyndi

      While I share in your frustration at what appears to be a preventable situation, please don’t be so quick to judge. Having both an autistic son and being a medical professional that regularly deals with elderly patients with dementia, I can tell you that it only takes a split second for a person with neurological issues to get “lost”.
      On my children’s first day of kindergarten I put them on the bus, tearfully waved goodbye and went to work. Although I had faithfully completed all the bus forms x 4 (they are duplicate to begin with and I have twins), they were put on the bus home instead of the bus to the afterschool daycare they were enrolled in at the time. Imagine my shock, terror and outrage when I got a call from a friend telling me that her mother had my children!!!! The driver put them out at their home stop and left before they were observed being received by an adult. Thankfully, my friend’s mother recognized my children and although they didn’t know her, after much convincing, she was able to get them to come with her after they recognized her grandchildren, my children’s playmates.
      Had she not been there that day, only God knows what could have happened to my kids.
      The elderly are just as vulnerable. Many families cannot afford in home help. Something as simple as taking a trip to bathroom is all that is required for a person to go missing.
      I can only imagine the utter hell this child’s parents are going through. My heart and my prayers go out to them. I’m also praying they never see your post. I’m sure they are terrified and heartbroken enough at this moment already. Even if this child’s disappearance might have been in part due to an oversight or God forbid, outright neglect, I’m betting whatever they are feeling right now is more impactful than any random stranger’s passing judgement. I hope this child is found safe and sound.

      • Vonnie

        Thank you! Our son once busted out a window screen while my husband was in the bathroom and I was at the store! Now our house is like a supermax. Fortunately, we own our home and can make these kinds of security modifications. Not everyone can do that.

        Glad this child was found safely.

    • Elaine

      John, John, John I am not saying this to be mean but your compassion for another human being is something that needs work. Please, before making further statements like this one, please look within yourself and try to develop more compassion and understanding for your fellow humans.

    • Dee James

      You Can Contact Me I am his Aunt and Spokeperson for our family right now .
      You can email me for your information.

    • JB

      Because he was 12 years old, and most bus stops are within a block or two of home. Not all children with autism are low-functioning enough toneed adult supervision 24-7.

    • Dee James

      Any And All Negatives Comments shows you level of ignorance to a child and family that was in a crisis….

      You don’t know the full story of what transpired within this situation for us … all you are hearing is bits and pieces of the News without knowing the facts.

      Like for starters as it was stated before he is a child that has autism but still functioning at a very high level,….
      So it was a mutual agreemen between Chesterfield County Public Schools and His Parent(s) that he was capable of walking from his bus stop to his door because the bus driver was not capable to do a door to door drop due to location and not being able to properly and safely be to turn around in the area.
      Also his mother is ill and not able to get to the point of the bus stop but she was at the door,……. SO NOOO he was not just left alone to wander!!!!

      For all of you who gave your prayers and were assisting in the aid to find him “We Really Appreciate Your Efforts And Aid In Locating Him, and May God Truly Bless You All..!”

  • JB

    Because the symptoms of autism range wildly, especially at that age. This child may just have some social deficiencies and not need adult supervision at all times.

  • Cyndi

    Thanks, Terry. So glad all is well, and can’t help but laugh. My son is such a picky eater, but I swear a donut shop is the first place I would look for him. He can wolf down two glazed in 30 seconds. Hmmmm..All BS aside, wonder if that could be a study in the making???? All this data about leaky gut syndrome, and the funny way they are all so different and yet have certain things in common, regardless of where they “fall” on the spectrum. I feel a donut study coming on. Anybody with me??? There are clues here.

    • Jay Morris

      I got word of this while I was at work. I am grateful that two of my supervisors went through the trouble of supporting me and looking for ways to aid in the search of my cousin. I thought of all the places near that he would run to or might hide at or even rest and play at. Its hard at times dealing with a child of special needs as no one really knows their mind but them. Looking at the near by lake, next to the house , near by game stores and places with food area’s. It seemed as no one had seen him or it would be hard to locate him. I’m just glade we were able to find him.

      • Nancy Pitkavish from MI

        At least he was found safe. He also had the knowledge to first go back to school then to his sister’s house. You did a good job in teaching him what to do if he ever got lost.

  • Jay Morris

    Thanks to all who helped locate the child. The child listed above happens to be my cousin, no parent my auntie was there as at his age and how the county works no one is needed the children normally walk home once they learn the bus system. So for letting these people wonder we dont let them wonder its like dealing with a loved one with memory lost it just happens. So before you say Stupid remarks out of your mouth try thinking. How would you feel if this was your family member.

    • Sheryl

      Jay, so thankful that your cousin was found and returned home safely! A surprise visit to Krispy Kreme is a welcomed reprieve from the many less fortunate stories we hear about today.

      Disregard the unkind and thoughtless remarks by others. Some people simply lack the compassion or willingness to understand the challenges others go through on a daily basis.

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