10-year-old student forced to eat from trash at school

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POMONA, Ca. (KTLA) -- A California student claims that his teacher made him eat food from the trash.

10-year-old Gilbert Lopez says that after he threw away his lunch, his teacher made him pull the sandwich out of the garbage and had him finish eating it in front of his fellow classmates.

Lopez told our sister station, KTLA, that he had told his teacher that he wasn't hungry, but that she forced him to eat the sandwich anyway.

"It made me feel sad because a lot of people were watching me and they laughed," Lopez said. "I felt disgusted."

Another student reported the incident to the principal because Lopez says he was too embarrassed to tell anyone.

In response to the situation, Pomona Unified School district Superintendent released a statement:

"[Lopez] was made to retrieve the meal and eat as so not to waste it. The teacher has been placed on administrative leave while the matter is being further investigated."



  • sw

    That response from the school sounded more like an excuse for the teacher. Maybe that teacher should be made to eat food out of the trash every day for week in front of her students. That teacher needs to be fired. I remember in elementary school I had a teacher who made you eat some of everything on the plate until she made me eat coleslaw and I threw up. That did not happen again.

  • Aaron

    Doesn’t matter what the kid did that doesn’t make it right to make him eat from the trash. I know we don’t know the full story but that doesn’t change the fact of what the teacher did was plain out wrong. Also if you read it wasn’t the kid who initially reported the teacher it was another kid so I am pretty sure it happened. Really the school system has even admitted to it happening although it does seem they are downplaying it. All I have to say is this boys parents are handling it a lot better than I would, if a teacher (or anyone else for that matter) ever made my son or daughter eat out of the trash I would have carried myself right up there and made the teacher eat out the trash plain and simple.

  • athynz

    Craig where are you at so I make you eat out of the trash in front of your friends? Seriously the fact that the teacher made this kid do that makes my blood boil. If the kid threw his sandwich away because he wasn’t hungry then let it go and if he cries about being hungry later then he’ll have to deal with it.

    You are very likely right that there is more tot he story but until that more comes in it’s entirely too early to call these kids “animals”

  • w8onu

    so sad that they let this bully of a teacher do this and I imagine this teacher will be back in the class with no consequences. So the kid threw his food away big deal , his fault if he gets hungry later but hell he wasn’t hungry then. That was very cruel

  • Cindy

    Children should never be ridiculed in front of their peers. One would think that teachers are advocates for children…not in all cases! This is sad and that little boy will continue to be teased.

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