Petersburg citizens irate over puppy living in pick-up truck

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PETERSBURG, Va. (WTVR)–A puppy in Petersburg has become a hot topic, after word spread that it’s living in the back of a pickup truck.

Residents and workers in Old Towne Petersburg said the golden retriever puppy has been in the back of this truck since December, in a crate covered with cardboard.

“It was like he was hiding the dog, so that other people wouldn’t see,” Frannie Rawlings said.

Petersburg police and animal control have received multiple calls from concerned citizens about the puppy’s situation.

“Each time we’ve been told about this, we’ve received complaints, we’ve sent out Animal Control down,” Major Bill Rohde, Petersburg Police, said.

“There are no laws being broken, the dog is properly cared for, the dog is in good health,” Rohde said.

That is little consolation to some who took to Facebook to raise awareness about the dog’s situation.

The Facebook posts so rampant Thursday night that rescue groups arrived to try and get the puppy.

That’s when police asked the puppy’s owner to take the golden retriever in for the evening.

Concerned neighbors said common sense was an issue here, and that “somebody needs to say, that’s not a life for a dog.”

“A four- month old puppy does not need to be growing up and spending 90 percent of his day inside a crate, inside a pick-up truck, covered in cardboard,” Gwen Perdue said.

Off camera the puppy’s owner said he is co-operating with the police, and has done nothing wrong.

There have been conflicting reports of whether or not there is another dog in the home that didn’t like the puppy. The owner told CBS 6 there is no other dog and he said that this dog is just an outdoor dog.

While some might not agree with how he is keeping the dog, as police said, no laws have been violated.

But after all the heightened attention, on Friday he told us that he plans to take the puppy to a place in North Carolina, where he will stay.


  • Don

    To the author: Could you contact this gentleman and let him know that I would be interested in adopting this puppy. I have an 11 month old that would love a play mate. I live in the country with a fenced back yard. My dog sleeps in our bedroom ;-)

  • Glen Allen

    To the author: Please call Don. A dog should not be living in a crate when there are people willing to give it a better life.

  • Cheryl

    Very sad. Totally unacceptable. Goldens are very loving and need to be near their humans. I have two Goldens and they really aren’t meant to be kept outdoors, especially a puppy. What will this idiot do during the summer? This dog will probably be dead within a year. This pup will probably have psychological issues later on, also, if he survives. He needs to do the right thing and give to a loving home.

  • Cat

    No socialization of puppies is very detrimental so leaving this dog isolated can lead to fear aggression and other psychological damage. Why does anyone have a pup if they cannot enjoy it’s companionship and leave it alone all the time? Basics such as food, water and shelter are not all a healthy, well adjusted dog needs. Our animal laws are so ridiculous.

  • Barbara Plunkett Turner

    KUDOS to all these comments! That poor puppy is living a HELLISH rotting existence and needs to go to a LOVING compassionate home TODAY! Sounds like DON would be best for it! That owner needs to let go of this poor thing and allow it to HAVE A LIFE! NOW! Totally unfair to that pup! He’s obviously mentally impaired and just plain wants to abuse something so he adopted the dog just so he could say “I’m doing my share of getting a dog off the streets!” Hell no mister! You need to give that dog to somebody who will LOVE it and CARE for it PROPERLY!

  • Kathy Dodge

    I would be willing to even buy the dog. I already have two big dogs, and I am at my max for space, but I would buy this puppy and make sure it went to a home where it would be loved and treated like a member of the family.

  • Robo

    Any idiot can buy or have a dog…how they treat them or care for them is another matter.
    This is one we know about, I think about all the ones we do not.
    Dogs are such loving and loyal pets and then one reads a story like this. Would be great if the folks in the article somehow gained a minimum of insight and realized that the dog would be better off with someone that could provide for it.

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