Witnesses lift SUV off bicyclist on Monument Avenue

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - The bicyclist struck and dragged by an SUV is said to be in serious condition at the hospital Thursday afternoon. She is expected to survive the accident that happened at the intersection of Monument Ave. and N. Mulberry St. in Richmond's Fan District about 8:10 Thursday morning.

Monument Ave.

The Honda SUV was traveling south on Mulberry St. when the driver stopped at the stop sign and looked to the left (east) and was blinded by the sun, Richmond Police said.

"This is not the first accident as a result of sun glare," said Sgt. David Selander with the Richmond Police.  "I guess the sun is rising perfectly to the East and drivers can't see very well."

The SUV hit the bicyclist and dragged her 15 feet into the middle of Monument Ave.  Portions of the biker's helmet were scattered across the road.

Witnesses  lifted the SUV and pulled the bicyclist out.

"They managed to actually push the vehicle up a little bit and slide the bicyclist out and the ambulance and police arrived on scene," said Sgt. David Selander with the Richmond Police.

"I think it's kind of miraculous that those people were there and responded like that," said Julian Pozzi, who lives in the Fan.

Crash investigators are continuing to investigate the accident.  Richmond Police have asked that anyone who saw the accident to call Sgt. Selander at (804) 513-3647.


  • Ken Martin (@kenmartinsafety)

    At that particular intersection there are always cars parked so close to the intersection that traffic on Mulberry must pull out into Monument to clearly see if the way is clear. It is hard to see a car, much less a bike.

    The sun rises about 6:55 am this week, by 10 after 8 it should have been higher than normal line of sight. I go through that intersection several times a day. Something sounds fishy. I’m wondering is the car blew the stop sign.

  • mari

    I drove down monument just afterwards and it wasn’t that sunny. My friend even said to me (ironically) that I was wearing sunglasses and it wasn’t even sunny. I looked up and saw a little bit of sun peeking out from the clouds.

    • Steve

      FYI….. You can drag someone (or something) until you run out of gas, running at 1 mph, so what does that have to do with it?????

    • Sinensis

      What exactly do you mean by a safety device for bicyclists? Aside from drivers being more careful, elevated/separate bike lanes, and more bicyclists on the streets (which makes drivers more alert and wary, hence cyclists safer), there’s not much else that can be done on a practical level.
      I mean…device? What? Like a spring or something?

    • Bewildebeest

      EXCUSE ME, Steve? That’s my best friend you’re blaming for getting NEARLY KILLED, and describing as having been raised poorly and lacking in common sense. Watch yourself. She happens to be a very intelligent, thoughtful, and cautious young woman, and you know NOTHING about her.

      I’ve biked in areas much more congested than Monument Avenue, and I’ve got news for you: bicycles ARE traffic. Like cars. They have a legal right to be there. She was being safe and responsible, and the only person at fault here is the driver. It’s the attitude that bikes shouldn’t be on the roads at all that causes these problems.

      Also, what’s YOUR problem? I mean SERIOUSLY. “Thank god (you) were raised better?” Apparently you weren’t raised well enough not to defame someone who is lying in a hospital bed.

      • Steve

        I guess you’d play on a railroad track too, huh. I don’t guess that would be dumb either. Just because you have a “right” doesn’t mean you do it.
        You have a “right” to walk through a bad area at night by yourself, but I doubt you would do it. But why not…it’s your right!!! Y’all need to use common sense. The traffic of today is dangerous enough to be in and around while INSIDE a vehicle, must less out in it on a bicycle. Like it or not, that’s just asking for trouble…. and this unfortunate incident is a prime example. I can’t understand why some folks want to “look the other way” and not care about the danger. It gets too many people injured and killed. The dangers are NOT going to change or go away, so why would you NOT support any “realistic” suggestions to try to keep people safe? Do you not care about your friends out there in dangerous situations? From your response it surely doesn’t seem like it. SMH

      • Bewildebeest

        You know what I can’t understand? Why some drivers would rather tell bicyclists to get off the road and/or would rather risk hitting them by driving dangerously than, I don’t know, being patient and paying attention while driving.

        Biking is nowhere near as dangerous as you’re making it sound, in general. When it IS dangerous, it’s because drivers are being idiots, not because of something inherent in cycling itself. I’m not ignoring the problem–I’m advocating to fix it through better infrastructure and policies, instead of just trying to make it go away by removing peoples’ transit options. Because those dangers CAN change, as evidenced in many bike-friendly cities that are much, much safer for everyone, and I’d rather make change happen than tell people it’s their fault if they die doing something completely reasonable, just so I can sit on my ass being smug.

        I’d also like to point out here that this could have just as easily happened to a pedestrian, but I don’t see anyone telling people they shouldn’t walk across intersections when it’s their right of way.

        Also, have you still not registered that you are calling my friend stupid, blaming her for a driver’s serious error that could have killed her, and using her pain and distress as a launching point for your idiotic, misinformed opinions? That is victim blaming, and it’s unconscionable.

        Go fuck yourself. I’m out.

      • Steve

        I’m sorry I’m talking “over your head” and you can’t see that I’m all for saving an injury or death of someone by a change being made, regardless of what the rights or reason may be. Regardless of whose fault it may be I am so tired of seeing things like this happen, people being injured or killed. I certainly wouldn’t send my children out there on a bike, although people do that too (and then cry when when smething happens to them), and I wouldn’t want my friends (or strangers) to be out there in a dangerous situation either. And it IS VERY DANGEROUS, as proved by what just happened, and so many times before. Like I stated earlier, whether you or I like it or not, that danger is NOT going to stop, but only get worse, as far as vehicles are concerned. If only one more life is taken, that is WAY TOO many and THAT’S what I’m trying to make you realize. I don’t want to keep seeing excuses or blame being made because of something that could have been avoided. People need to be educated about dangers, etc. so alternative measures can be taken. AND I have NOT called your friend stupid. Those are your words. I’m sorry too that your only poor “defense” oe response is having to use that 4-letter word when your toes get steped on. You’re shing brightly!!

  • Catherine Farmer

    I drove by there later, too. No way could she come to a full stop and accelerated enough to drag the cyclist, fifteen feet. She, at most would have knocked her down, or the cyclist would have run into HER.

  • Brian

    I agree ‘Sun glare’ is not an excuse. If one can not see there is a responsibility to be cautious. When blinded, slowing down by moving slowly into the intersection or turn would give all road users time to react.

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