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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WTVR) — Transgender students in Virginia will now be allowed to play sports in the gender of their choice.

WCAV reports the Virginia High School League (VHSL) adopted the new policy during a meeting Wednesday.

The organization approved the measure to allow students who have undergone sex re-assignment surgery or hormone therapy to participate in sports in the gender they identify with.

VHSL Executive Director Ken Tilley said that while it is new territory for everyone,  18 other states currently have similar policies.

Additionally, Tilley said there have already been eight inquiries in Virginia for transgender students requesting to play high school sports.

The policy was approved in a 27-0 vote.


  • mokarnage

    Ok yall the VHSL allowing transgender athletes to play sports sounds like a good thing, until you get to the part about that the student has to have “undergone sex reassignment, including surgical removal of the external sex organs and the ovaries or testes”, that part makes this still incredibly transphobic and will prevent many genderqueer and trans folks from getting to play on the sports team they want to. Trans does not just include surgery. And it is very difficult for high school age people to receive the respect and support – emotional, medical, and financial to even be able to have surgery at that stage in the game if that is what they want.
    Also the rule says they have to verify they are taking hormones and if they stop, they have to go back to sports with their birth gender.
    Just in case you hadn’t checked out the whole rule. It is actually really fucked up and transphobic. They probably voted 27-0 on this because they know they have set such a ridiculous bar here that almost no one will be willing or able to comply.

    • E Marshall Buckles

      If someone is born a male, they remain a male no matte what cosmetic surgery they have, no matter what clothes they may wear. Same for females. No matter what Judges, Legislators and physicians say, as they try to play “god”, you CANNOT change your gender. No matter what someone’s brain may be telling them, they CANNOT change their gender. It is IMPOSSIBLE. And, especially during the years before the mid 20s, when mental maturation and physical maturation occur, young people, no matter what their sexual orientation, need to accept their birth gender and go through life as that gender. Trying to do otherwise is a fiction and creates too many problems for society. If they feel that they just must have the surgery and PRETEND that they are the opposite gender, they need to WAIT until their mid 20s and, with appropriate psychiatric consultation and medical consultation, make the decision then.

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