After Redskins deal schools ‘have yet to see a dime’

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Several promises were made when the Washington Redskins Training Camp came to Richmond last summer.

Part of the deal included the city leasing the former Westhampton property on Patterson Ave. to Bon Secours.

However, the lease came with some conditions listed in an ordinance.

One of the conditions required Bon Secours to pay the city $100,000 a year for 10 years for capital school projects. That money would go toward benefiting Richmond Public Schools.

"We have yet to see a dime," Richmond School Board member Kim Gray said about the deal.

CBS 6 learned the money to the city was supposed to be paid by January 2, 2014.

On Friday, February 14, CBS 6 reporter Chelsea Rarrick started to ask questions about the school money. Richmond Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of Finance and Administration Sharon Judkins said the invoice was sent out the same day - February 14.

"We were due this money for our budgetary needs and I'm disappointed. But, it's not unexpected. It's becoming more and more of a pattern," Gray said.

In a statement, city spokeswoman Tammy Hawley said the finance department was unaware that Bon Secours required an invoice to meet the payment as the terms were set in the signed agreement.

"I fail to see how this happened under the  Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of Finance's watch," Richmond City Council President Charles Samuels said.

Rarrick also went to City Hall Tuesday to speak to Judkins regarding the invoice.

A woman at the front desk told Rarrick that Judkins was busy and asked Rarrick to leave her contact information. Rarrick also reached out to Bon Secours regarding the payment.

"If you don't receive a bill, you can't do anything, " Bon Secours spokeswoman, Charlotte Perkins said.

Perkins said a payment has been processed and the wire went out Tuesday morning.

Still, Gray said the school board is waiting for answers as to when they'll see that money.

"We need the money, and we needed it yesterday," Gray said.


  • Ken Martin (@kenmartinsafety)

    The proper response should have been, we are so sorry we will get that out to you as soon as possible. Instead this PR person just makes excuses. A person’s or business’ word is still as good as gold to some people. Remember actions speak louder than words.

  • MLee

    Failure of City Government again. This is a business transaction. Nothing new about that. I can only imagine the bills and invoices sent and received by Bon Secours on a daily basis. Does the Government sit around and hope everyone pays their real estate taxes, property taxes, utility bills, etc without sending a bill? I don’t think so. I certainly wouldn’t give a dime to Richmond City without proof of billing and receipt. Just send them money and Lord only knows what would happen to it.

  • Manalishi

    I’ts a stereotypical government dysfunction to be clueless on how the real world operates budgets, finances and/or invoicing.

    It’s a scary fact that the collective sum of the RPS and it’s administration is as competent with business and finance as they are with education.

    Richmond! You have voted for this many years now so you deserve it. Shame on you for knowingly doing this to your children. Stereotypical.

  • RVA Excapee as they say

    I would wager the same could not be said for payments to Party Comrade Mayor Reverend Mugabe Jones. He made out like a fat rat in his campaign funds. It is almost funny with Sixth Street Market Place and the rest of the failed projects used by the Communist Party of Richmond to enrich their politicians. RVA deserves the government it has.

  • Jonesed

    You’ve been JONESED, again.
    He and his CAO are directly responsible for the day-to-day municipal
    operations of ALL Richmond agencies and departments.
    See how well his Governance and “Deals” pay off.
    Tax Payers are extorted; Donors paid off big time.
    Must be PC, not to see Democratic GiftGate.

  • athynz

    The schools want their money? Too bad, our illustrious and visionary mayor needs a security detail and needs one NOW! After all the safety and security of our mayor is much more important than the education of some children. /sarcasm.

    • Glen Allen

      It is not about receiving the money late, it is about the fact that someone in the private sector had to bring the matter to their attention to send an invoice, It is also about the fact the elected School Board did not have a clue, and yet they are responsible for approving the budget

  • An Insight

    This IS sad , We blame Bon Secours For What ? If they where never sent a biLL how is this an issue? Every person in america has to pay to live but without a bill to account for how is there a problem ? CBS 6 I trusted you But after this (Problem) cannot say the same . You have to give the company a try , They will Pay the twisted criminals we have in VA trust me

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