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Mom scolds kids who ‘murdered’ snowman family

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GLEN ALLEN, Va. (WTVR) – With much of Central Virginia shutdown by winter weather, some families spent Thursday outside in the snow, building snowmen.

For one Henrico family, the joy of building a family of snowmen quickly turned frustrating.

“We just spent an hour building our family of snowmen,” the mom wrote.

Snowman family

Minutes after she and her children went inside, it happened.

“We saw someone take off running. They knocked over almost everything,” the mom continued. “I took off running [after the snowmen murderers], but I couldn’t catch them.”

After catching her breath and consoling her upset children, the mom created a sign that now sits where the family of snowmen once stood.

Snowman family sign

What would you do if someone walked into your yard and destroyed something you and your family worked hard to create? Click here to email the WTVR CBS 6 Newsroom or click here to post your thoughts on the WTVR CBS 6 Facebook page.

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      Seriously BO grow up! If you are an adult and said that you need some one on one help. People NEED & SHOULD be held accountable for their actions. The world is the way it is because their is NO RESPECT for others. The world needs JUSTICE..And i say it all begins at home.

  • Becky Blanchard

    Good god lady! Traumatized? Seriously? A house fire is traumatic, a car accident is traumatic, losing a loved one is traumatic. a bunch of snowmen getting knocked over?not so much. I hate to think how your kids are gonna turn out as adults if you are teaching them to make this big a deal over something so stupid. smh

    • D.B.

      I hate to think how your poor neighbors must feel about you, if you think trespassing and (even minor) property damage is no big deal. smh.

      What happened here was not accidental, it was purposefully, and very hatefully done, with the clear intent to cause trouble.

      • Omiss

        Agreed DB I would not want her as my neighbor! It is trespassing period and it was just mean! I would b more worried about the kids or kids that did it! Not hey will b the one breaking into houses next and so on….

    • Chris Noel

      Lets say you spent a lot of time cleaning, pruning, planting new flowers and shrubs in your yard and someone came into your yard and tore it up, you would not be upset???? yeah, right..

    • athynz

      I’d hate to have someone like you as my neighbor. Would be this flippant if this happened at your home or would you be screaming bloody murder? I suspect the latter.

  • Jeff Coulter

    I live next to a park. Summer’s are a real hoot! I keep the camera on the ready and since I’m a veteran police officer I usually know how to speak to them on their level, e.g. “Jesus, Mary! What the hell are thinkin’!? Get your dead ass outta my yard!”

  • Gwen Garza

    I don’t usually comment on these things, but first, I don’t see the word traumatized anywhere in this story, and secondly, it doesn’t matter whether the children were “traumatized” or “upset” or what and it doesn’t matter what the age of the children are. This family created a warm, fun memory and for someone to come along and damage what this family done is just plain MEAN. PUNKS is a good word to describe them. If more adults and parents in this world taught their children to respect others this world would be a much better place.

  • D.B.

    No one. NO. ONE. has any right to trespass onto someone else’s property and damage anything! I currently suffer with neighbors-from-he!! — so I completely understand her frustrations.

  • MizViv

    For anyone who is confused, the original version of this story indicated that the mom in question claimed her kids were “traumatized” by this event.

  • lori tanner

    haha ha.just keep a copy of this articles for fond, warm memories- geez you can’t have everything. and why does everything have to last indifinitely-its free snow. she probably gets mad at the ocean for knocking down her kids’ sandcastles.

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