Republicans kill Va. minimum wage bill

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- While Virginians were busy trying to thaw out late Thursday night, Republican lawmakers in the House put a freeze on the state's minimum wage rate, leaving it at $7.25 an hour.

“Everyone is certainly sympathetic with people that are struggling with wages,” House Majority Leader Kirk Cox said.

However, Cox tells CBS 6’s Lorenzo Hall that increasing the minimum wage will likely hurt smaller businesses. He said it would leave employers with no other choice but to lay some workers off.

“A lot of times, you end up shrinking the labor force,” Cox said.

Cox believes that would happen quickly in Virginia because of our neighboring states that all have minimum wages of $ 7.25, which is consistent with the federal government.

Cox said that if our wage is higher, businesses may be compelled to relocate.

On the other hand, Democratic Delegate Joe Morrissey believes the opposite, calling the decision to keep the wage at $7.25 a “very short-sighted, pedestrian view.”

Morrissey instead said that businesses would attract higher quality workers willing to stay on the job longer and less reliant on state and federal benefits.

Democrats in the Senate agree. They voted to increase the minimum wage to $9.25 by 2015. But with the House is not in agreement, that won't happen.

"Very disappointing. Minimum wage is coming. It's either going happen at the state level or on the federal level,” Morrissey said.


  • M.L. Adams

    What BS! The vast majority of companies that only pay minimum wage are already squeezing the maximum effort out of their employees…they simply cannot reduce their work force and stay open! Instead, they’d have to start paying a more livable wage! The bottom line is that the Kirk Coxes of the world could care less! Minimum wage earners, after all, don’t donate big bucks to political campaigns!

  • Annie Peavy

    People would stay on one job instead of getting two jobs and we would have less accidents do to tiredness and falling to sleep at the wheel.The increase would help the working person with a family,a baby sitter is very expensive an in this day and age the so call people in the house need to hit the pavement to see whats going on.

  • Robo

    Mr. Cox is a hypocrite, love his crocodile tears . Raising the minimum wage that much would have been a move in the right direction. Fairly heartless, thanks.

  • Aaron Townsend

    The minimum wage is BS…. it doesn’t need to exist at all. It is discriminatory towards workers with no or low skill levels and leads to unemployment and higher prices for consumers. It destroys the job opportunities that would be available to workers if the law did not exist. In effect this takes away their ability to receive on the job training and the opportunities to learn skills that would later justify a higher wage. The minimum wage only hurts the people that it supposedly protects. Government has no business deciding minimum pricing for anything, let alone labor.

  • Josh Frankie

    What do you think some of these businesses would pay if there was no minimum wage? The debt of the government would drastically increase do to the need for more families to rely on government assistance. The bigger problem is that there are not enough good paying jobs for people so a lot of people have to settle for what they can get until they can find better.

  • Eli Thomas

    How dare that some companies are in business to make money. Any profit should just be given to the government for the Greater good of the people. Im sure that James, M.L., Annie, Robo, Aaron, and Josh all pay their bills and then give the rest to the government. They don’t have savings accounts because the gov. will take care of them is something goes wrong. But don’t worry according to the CBO, the ACA (obamacare) people wont have to work two or three jobs. Dems say that it will free them from the shackles of having to support themselves.

    • athynz

      People like you amuse me. Do some research on a company called Costco – yes, that Costco. The owner pays his employees a more than fair wage – in fact uses union labor and pays his employees union wages which are much higher than minimum wage. He makes IIRC about 150% more than his employees, makes a decent profit, and can still pay his employees a decent wage and gives them decent benefits. So tell me again HOW will raising the minimum wage drive companies out of business? What it will do is dig into the 400% plus that the CEOs make… I weep at the prospect…/sarcasm

      • Eli Thomas

        You mean a company, on its own, decided to pay its employees more than the minimum wage. Thanks for making my point for me.

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