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High school students give valentine to Richmond homeless man

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) — Two high school students spread goodwill and love on Valentine’s Day by doing something to brighten a stranger’s day.

The Atlee High School students said they made a spur-of-the-moment decision Friday to help a homeless veteran.

“We found a homeless man on the side of the road and we brought him chocolates and asked him to be our valentine!” Katlyn told CBS 6 News.

Haley, 17, and Katlyn, 16, crafted a special Valentine’s Day card because, in their words, “everyone deserves to be loved on Valentine’s Day.”

The girls learned that the man, who they spotted on W. Broad St., had served as a Marine for about 20 years overseas.

When the girls delivered their surprise, the veteran said he was stunned that two such pretty girls didn’t already have a special someone in mind. He told them that he would be honored to be their valentine.

“He was a such a sweetheart,” Katlyn said.


  • John

    I’m going to call BS on this one, if he were in the Marines for 20 years he would be on full retirement and collecting about 600 per month instead of living on the streets. Plus no one in the Marines spend 20 years overseas. Congrats girls you found a true Richmond con artist, stolen valor is nothing to reward, but I give you an A+ for effort

    • athynz

      1) $600/m is not enough to live on. 2) So there is no possible way a Marine could be stationed overseas for 20 years? None? Not even at his own request? I call BS on your post.

  • WorkingMan

    Would they have done this if the person were African-American? Sorry…but I’m feelin’ like a trouble-maker tonight.

  • Jamie Weeble Wobble Patterson

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves for passing such judgement on ones situation!!!! Not one thing positive said out of any one of you! This is why our world is so horrid to live is now! Selfish!!! 1, who cares if they knew about it, it was the kind act that was taking place! 2, Your right, he’s not dumb, and he is definitely kinder than all you! 3, There are MANY marines that have and will spend time over seas, it is determined on rank and how long they last….google it! Or are you not that smart too! 4, There are just as many blacks as white on the streets, stop making it racist!!!!
    I can not believe what this world is coming too, go spend a week out on the streets yourself and give up what you have, I PROMISE YOU YOU WILL RESPECT OTHERS AND THE LIFE AROUND YOU MUCH MORE!

  • John

    Jamie I’m afraid you have no idea what YOU are talking about. Marines go overseas but it’s based more on a unit deployments and NOT on rank. In the Marines a person will move from unit to unit about every 3.5 years. Most deployments overseas last 6 months to a year. Get your facts straight before opening your mouth. I don’t need Google, I was in the Marines for 8 years. These girls did a great thing from the heart, too bad they were taken advantage of by this dead beat con

  • Cupid

    Anyone who left a negative comment on this page needs to grow up! It’s refreshing to see young people doing something for anyone nowadays let alone someone who who is less fortunate! We all need to be more God like and less crude and judgmental. Maybe you all should spend less time picking on homeless people and children and find a way to make a difference of your own! When is the last time you did something nice and unexpected for someone you didn’t know?? Kindness is the cure, hate and ignorance is the disease!! Regardless of how the story got here, its the message that it sends!

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