Group calls Va. judge’s same-sex ruling a ‘political show’

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – The morning after a federal judge declared Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, the Family Foundation called into question the Valentine’s Day Eve announcement.

“The timing of this decision certainly calls into question Judge Wright Allen’s objectivity,” a Friday morning statement from the group stated. “This rushed release just prior to Valentine’s Day reeks of political show, making her ruling less a legal argument and more a press release. It’s disappointing that a federal judge would so blatantly expose her personal political agenda at the expense of not just marriage, but our entire social fabric.”

According to its website, the Family Foundation’s mission is to “strengthen families in Virginia by applying founding principles and faith to policy and culture.”

Thursday’s action by the judge did not make it legal for same-sex couple in Virginia to get married. She issued a stay with her injunction pending appeal, meaning in appeals court would consider the case before any law was changed.

The judge concluded that prejudice is behind Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban.

“Justice has often been forged from fires of indignities and prejudices suffered,” U.S. District Judge ­Arenda L. Wright Allen wrote.

In 2006, 57 percent of Virginians voted in favor of the Virginia Marriage Amendment that defined marriage as only between a man and a woman.

“Regardless of one’s stance on marriage, the people of Virginia were disenfranchised by this ruling as our voice and our vote that amended our Constitution have been rendered meaningless by a single federal judge with the assistance of our own Attorney General,” the Family Foundation statement read. “Protecting a timeless institution for the well-being of children was the will of the overwhelming majority of Virginians and this ruling denies this important state interest as it places the desires of adults over the outcomes of children.”

A press conference on the judge’s ruling is expected at 11:45 a.m.


  • Michael Shores

    This is not the only recent ruling in a lower federal court regarding this issue. It appears that the lower court judges are putting pressure on the Supreme Court to provide guidance regarding same sex marriage. That thought is reinforced by the stays pending appeal issued with these rulings. It is an issue that the higher court seems to have been dodging. Perhaps some blame should be placed there for these rulings.

  • Chuck Anziulewicz

    It is not the courts’ job to uphold the precise will of the majority of the people. That’s what elections are for. The job of the courts is to uphold the Constitution, regardless of whether the necessary decisions fall in line with the will of the majority. It is up to the judges to determine, without bias from the rest of the population, what constitutes equality under the law, or equal protection. It seems more than obvious to me that to exclude Gays from the institution of marriage is a clear violation of any notion of “equality,” and I have yet to see anyone dispute that on a rational level. Therefore, it is not “activism” on the part of judges to declare that Gay and Straight couples should be treated equally under the law, rather it is an example of judges performing their rightful duty.

    Laws passed by the legislative branch get struck down as unconstitutional all the time. It really doesn’t matter whether a law is popular or not. What matters is whether it conforms to the Constitution of the United States. And unless the Constitution only applies to people who are Straight (i.e. heterosexual), there is no justification for denying law-abiding, taxpaying Gay couples the same legal benefits and opportunities that Straight couples have always taken for granted.

  • Arden

    Tony Perkins and the Family Foundation is nothing more than certified hate mongers against individuals whose lifestyle happens to be different than theirs.

    The Attorney General was correct in not defending the law in the first place. His role is to ensure that all laws passed in the Commonwealth of Virginia are in fact Constitutional laid out by the U.S. Constitution, not by the Virginia Constitution. The voters were never disenfranchised and for the Family Foundation to even make that argument is absurd.

    Same-sex couples are our neighbors, our relatives, our colleagues, and members of our places of worship. They are doctors delivering care to the sick, attorney’s protecting our rights, volunteers who help individuals in need and so much more.

    Allow these couples to live in harmony and peace with the rest of us and stop branding them as pedophiles who harm children. The Family Foundation along with the Christian Right Wing Extremists are breeding such hatred and diversion on so many levels not only in the Commonwealth of Virginia, as well as the National level that it not only sickens me but quite frankly, is scary.

  • Jay

    We have this thing called a Constitution that ensures all people are created equal, which this amendment was in clear violation of. Also in our American governance system it is the court’s role to ensure that the Constitution is upheld. And that includes voter approved measures. No political “agenda” here just our American democracy in action, upholding our Constitution.

  • me

    Does it seem that the legislated, legal, due process, enacted by Law
    Makers is now being manipulated in law suits, built to suit, before set up political courts to circumvent legislation?

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