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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Bus driver fired after fighting back

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(WTVR) -   Caught on Camera!

Some dramatic newly released video out of Kenosha, Wisconsin. This actually happened in January on a transit bus.  A teenager punches the bus driver shortly after some students were picked up from a high school.

The fight continues as the driver refuses to back down, getting up from behind the wheel, punching the teenager several times.  The bus crashes into three parked cars. One of the cars had people inside.

The bus driver has been fired, but his union is trying to get him reinstated. The teenager is facing assault charges. No word on what sparked the altercation.


  • athynz

    Defending himself is one thing but at least stop the bus. I would hope on that aspect – the not stopping the bus to deal with the disruption and the resulting property damage – would be enough to not have him reinstated. As far as the self defense – heck yes the man should be allowed to defend himself against some punk kid throwing punches at him.

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