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Faulty heating system sickens 3 in Richmond home

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Three people were removed from an apartment home along 600 block of Northside Ave. in Richmond on Wednesday morning after it appeared they were exposed to carbon monoxide.

Firefighters on scene said the building's heating system malfunctioned and caused carbon monoxide to leak to the house.

Two of the people in the home were unconscious when Richmond firefighters arrived, a third person showed symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, firefighters on scene said.

Henry Wilson said he found his two neighbors unconscious when he checked on them Wednesday morning.

Apt condemnedThe current conditions of the people taken out of the home have not been released.

Seven people lived in the building, which was condemned following an inspection.

The Red Cross is helping some of those displaced people find shelter.

This is a developing.

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  • Glen Allen

    FYI – ALL:

    Symptoms of CO Poisoning

    Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be similar to those caused by other illnesses such as a cold or flu. They include
    •Unexplained headaches, chest pains or muscular weakness
    •Sickness, diarrhea or stomach pains
    •Sudden dizziness when standing up
    •General lethargy

    What to Do?

    If anyone in your house has any of the symptoms outlined above get fresh air immediately, then go to your doctor and ask him/her to check for Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

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