Amazon to hire more workers at Chester center

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Amazon said Wednesday it plans to hire another 2,500 people across the country as demand for Internet shopping continues to grow.

The jobs involve “picking, packing and shipping customer orders” and are located in Chester, Va., Coffeyville, Kan., Columbia, S.C., Dupont, Wash., Murfreesboro, Tenn. and Petersburg, Va.

There’s been some talk over how good these jobs really are, with the repetitive nature of the work and pay that is below some other warehouse-type jobs. For example, hundreds of Amazon fulfillment center staff in Germany went on strike in December as part of a long-running dispute over pay.

Amazon says the median pay inside its fulfillment centers is 30% higher than the median retail wage — which would put the wage at nearly $16 an hour. The company also said workers get health care, paid vacation, quarterly bonuses, stock awards and matching retirement contributions.

The median wage for hand “packers and packagers” nationwide is $9.57 an hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The 2,500 positions the company hopes to fill come on top of 20,000 full time jobs Amazon added last year – with half of those employees starting out as part time workers.

The popularity of online retail shopping has surged in recent years. This past year so-called cyber Monday sales – the Monday after thanksgiving — jumped 20%.

But some of the growth has come at the expense of traditional brick-and-motar stores, where sales were sluggish.

— CNNMoney’s Annalyn Kurtz contributed reporting to this story

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  • concerned employee

    Your article is wrong Amazon only pays 11.50 an hour and if you work overnight they pay 12 and if you ate a tier 3 they pay you 2.00 more an hour and there are less than 100 in the building. You want to know why they are hiring so many people? Why don’t you check into how many they fire…

  • c

    The company is a joke. The pay is not good for the way they treat there people. Amazon is nothing but a modern day slave company. Put a person in undercover as a bottom tier1. And you’ll see how bad they are. Every week they come up with new “rules” that can’t be shown in the handbook to have you fired and hire more. When it comes to a job a Amazon it a revolving door. And pay is only $11.50 per hour. During the holidays they tell you no choice in overtime and you have to work it. Normally that would not be bad but working 12 hrs a day six days a week it burns you out. Then you find out there where days that hr didn’t schedule it to you and you could have taken the day off without being punished for it. Amazon is the biggest micro management company there is. And if there doing something that not company policy and you want to ask corporate; there famous to use what happens in that building stays in the building and WILL find a way to retaliate against you for any complaints to either the building hr or main hr. This is the worst company to work for.

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