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McDonald’s celebrates birthday of 100-year-old employee

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BOSTON (WTVR) – A Massachusetts man who started working at McDonald’s when he was 75 celebrated his 100th birthday with the fast-food restaurant on Friday.

Morris Miller, who “did whatever they wanted me to do” when he first started, is now paid to greet and chat with customers.

Miller comes in three days a week for a few hours to chat and enjoy a free breakfast with the customers.

“This is what keeps all the customers coming back. His smile and his determination,” owner Tim McCoy said.

He called Miller the ultimate ambassador at the restaurant.

“He’s funny,” customer Annette Orlando said. “He makes us all laugh.”

For his birthday, Miller was praised for his 25-year career with McDonald’s and received a bonus check. “I’ll keep coming as long as I can move,” he said.

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