TRAFFIC: Tractor-trailer driver crashes I-95N in Richmond, expect delays

SNOW UPDATE: It’s going to be a major winter storm

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Two big points here:

  1. It’s going to be a major winter storm
  2. Track means everything.

Scroll down for updates from the CBS 6 Storm Team.

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Carrie Rose February 12, 20146:18 am

Dominion Virginia Power 866-366-4357
Central Virginia Electric Cooperative: 800-367-2832
Appalachian Power 800-956-4237
Rappahannock Electric Co-op 800-552-3904
Shenandoah Valley Co-op 800-234-7832
Southside Electrical Co-op 866-878-5514
Prince George Electric Coop 804-834-2424
Northern Neck Co-op 866-663-2688
NOVEC 888-335-0500
Pepco 877-737-2662
DELMARVA 800-898-8045
Accomack and Northampton Elec. Coop.: 800-431-2632

Nick Dutton February 11, 20144:33 pm

Carrie Rose February 11, 20148:51 am

If you run off of well water, fill up a bathtub or big containers with water today to prepare for the event you lose power in the Winter Storm. You’ll need that water for flushing toilets!

Carrie Rose February 11, 20148:47 am

Download FREE apps today like our CBS 6 News and Weather apps, and the Ready Virginia app. These will provide crucial information to you during the winter storm.

Carrie Rose February 11, 20148:41 am

Fill up your car with gas TODAY.
I do not advise this, but if you must travel Wednesday evening through Thursday, take an emergency bag (first aid kit, medications, blankets, hand and foot warming packs, glow sticks, flashlight & batteries, water, snacks, extra clothes and socks).

Make your own windshield de-icer today. Mix some rubbing alcohol or vinegar with water, and spray. Put that bottle in your car.
In this storm, keep your gas tank at least half-full.

Carrie Rose February 11, 20148:32 am

Non-clumping cat litter works for traction on slippery steps, sidewalks, and if your car gets stuck.

Carrie Rose February 11, 20148:29 am
Carrie Rose February 11, 20148:22 am

If you have a generator and you’re getting it ready for use for potential power outages…set it up outside and away from garages, vents, windows and doors. Have a carbon monoxide alarm in every room!

Carrie Rose February 11, 20148:21 am
Carrie Rose February 11, 20148:19 am
Carrie Rose February 11, 20148:17 am

TODAY: Refill your medications (enough to get you through the next 7 days).

Carrie Rose February 11, 20148:14 am

IF you lose power in the Winter Storm, when should you worry about food in your the fridge? After FOUR hours, toss everything.
Food in the freezer can last longer…If your food still has ice crystals in it, it can be refrozen safely. Throw it out if it thaws and stays above 40 degrees for 2 hours.

Carrie Rose February 11, 20148:04 am

Power outages are possible with this approaching major winter storm late Wednesday through Thursday. So if you are going to the grocery store today, DON’T buy perishable stuff! Get juice boxes that don’t need to be refrigerated, and of course water. Stock up on pantry items (like protein bars, healthy snacks, raw fruit & veggies that can sit at room temp, bread and peanut butter).

For meals today, cook anything you already have in your fridge/freezer that is perishable. Eggs for breakfast, meats and cheeses for lunch and dinner, etc.

Carrie Rose February 11, 20147:18 am

Make a plan NOW for your family! With kids likely getting out of school from the storm, make a plan for them. Workplaces may be impacted (certainly your commute Wednesday evening and Thursday will be disrupted!). Keep pets INDOORS from Wednesday evening through Friday morning.

Carrie Rose February 11, 20147:16 am
Scott Wise February 11, 20146:37 am

Scott Wise February 11, 20146:30 am

Alix Bryan February 10, 201411:03 pm

Alix Bryan February 10, 201411:02 pm

Alix Bryan February 10, 201411:01 pm

Alix Bryan February 10, 201411:00 pm

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Alix Bryan February 10, 201410:44 pm

You can here how many states will be impacted by this storm.

Scott Wise February 10, 20146:37 pm

Scott Wise February 10, 20146:36 pm

Scott Wise February 10, 20143:51 pm

Zach Daniel – WTVR CBS 6 It shouldn’t begin in RVA until after 5 PM, with most models suggesting 8ish.

Scott Wise February 10, 20143:50 pm

Zach Daniel – WTVR CBS 6 I’m leaning toward the Euro. It’s been the most consistent with this storm, and is very clear in the warm-air entrainment in the mid-levels that I think we’ll see. Leaning, not yet buying. 

Scott Wise February 10, 20143:50 pm

Zach Daniel – WTVR CBS 6 One note that I didn’t mention above…the RPM does not go through the end of the event, so there could be an additional amount on that graphic for the last few hours not shown.

Scott Wise February 10, 20143:15 pm


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