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Step-sisters both die following erratic driver’s crash into Chickahominy River

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – The Thursday death of 27-year-old Jessica Gallmeyer came days after the car she was a passenger in crashed into the Chickahominy River.

Her step-sister, fifteen-year -old Amanda Irby, died on Wednesday at VCU Medical Center from injuries sustained in the crash.

Police said the two were riding with 23-year-old Andrew Taylor Walters when he crashed his car into the water after trying to evade police.

He was speeding away from a traffic stop after police pulled him over for erratic driving on Williamsburg Rd. at Elko Rd. Fire officials said both women were in cardiac arrest when they were pulled from the car, but that both resuscitated and regained a pulse on the way to the hospital.

Walters, of the 7400 block of Ambrose Drive in Mechanicsville, was previously charged with 2nd Offense — Driving while Operator’s License is Suspended, Felony Disregarding the Signal of a Law Enforcement Officer to Stop (Eluding) and Providing False Information to a Law Enforcement Officer.

No additional charges have been place at this time.

“Crash Team Officers are working with the Commonwealths Attorney’s Office to determine if additional charges will be brought as a result of these deaths,” police said.

"This is a case where the original charge would have probably been a misdemeanor, driving under a suspended license, which you might serve a number of days in jail for. With a split second decision now he could be looking at first degree murder or second degree murder, more likely with a felony murder charge because he could be charged for the accident murder in the condition of a felony which is eluding the police," said CBS 6 Legal Analyst, Todd Stone.

CBS 6 took a look into Walters' past, and found this isn't the first time he's been in trouble with the law.

According to court documents, Walters plead guilty to assualt and battery of a family member in May of last year, as well as an assault on law enforcement officer in September of 2009.


  • Davey28car

    Yeah I am sure that punk is really upset!!! That’s why he was running away from the scene of the accident to avoid cops rather than trying to help those girls! DUDE, YOUR PATHEIC!!!!

  • Joe

    Attaching a politician as a scapegoat in a scenario as this shows how little class you actually have.

    Since we have no idea of the political affiliation of this man, it’s quite the useless comment to make.

  • Gerry

    According to his Grandfather, he was on two medications. If he mentally ill and wasn’t on his meds, what are his chances in court?

    • Joe

      The same as if he wasn’t on medication. This is really no different or would be no different than taking a DUI/DWI + invol manslaughter.

      Of course, this clown is going to have the book thrown at him, and rightfully so.

      Do note: There was no mention of the type of medication. Should the medication he was on prevented him from driving in the first place, that’d be yet another “wrong” he did when he got behind the wheel.

      Medication, is just a defense tactic used to employ empathy from the jurors to the defendant.

      • krista

        He recently just got put on medication. His family are just trying to make excuses for him. I knew all of them he was diagnosed bi-polar and adhd thats it he wasnt mentally ill bc he didnt take them. He just is a messed up person and only was worried about him nothing will justify what hes done.Jess and Amanda where very much loved and we already miss them and its tearing alot of people apart..

    • Joe

      No, the girls were not abducted, however, that does not remove the fact that he was eluding the police and their deaths are a direct result of his actions.

      Why did he careen into the river? Because he lost control of his vehicle while attempting to elude officers.

      You claim he’s young, yet, all that matters in the eyes of the law is that he is an adult. Thankfully so, because he’ll be tried as one.

  • C

    Save you sympathy for the victims here. The only thing Andrew Walters is “devastated” about is getting caught. He is a career violent criminal, that cares only for himself. He left two young women to die to avoid an arrest. He is not worthy of your sympathy. He is the reason we build prisons.

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