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Chesapeake pit bull euthanized before volunteers could save him

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ozzypitbull1CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WTKR)–Social media outrage exploded after a pit bull named Ozzy, who was hit by a car and left for dead last Friday night, was euthanized by the shelter before volunteers could adopt him.

Temperatures were so low and he was there so long after the wreck that his jaw was frozen to the ground when he was found. In addition, he had a broken leg and pelvis.

A picture of Ozzy and his injuries surfaced on various forms of social media. It came to our attention when Chesterfield Berry Farm posted a picture of him. Then it also quickly came to our attention that Ozzy had been euthanized.

All the social media attention that was going into finding his owner, or finding him a new owner, suddenly exploded when people found out the dog had been euthanized before anyone had the chance to take action. One volunteer said the dog was actually euthanized a day early.

Lauren Sanders has adopted two pit bulls and was ready to make Ozzy her third until Chesapeake Animal Services euthanized the dog Thursday, Feb. 6, our affiliate WTKR reports.

ozzypitbull“I saw him yesterday and he had scooted himself across the floor, gobbled up treats, tail wagging; that leads me to believe he wasn’t dead,” Sanders, a volunteer with Chesapeake Animal Services said. “He still had fight in him.”

Chesapeake officials said the dog had made a turn for the worse and surgery wouldn’t have helped.

Sanders said a donation fund for Ozzy’s surgery was being set up, and that a vet in Pungo was ready to perform it at a discounted rate.

“Technically, his stray hold wasn’t up until tomorrow. So if his owner was out there, they could have come in today and asked to see their dog and their dog would have been in a black trash bag in the back,” Sanders said .

Chesapeake Police said nothing could have helped the dog. With Sanders so ready to do whatever she could to rehabilitate Ozzy, she wishes she would have been given the opportunity.

A CAS volunteer has written a post called “The Story Behind CAS,” claiming not all breeds are treated equally at the shelter.

CBS 6 affiliates News Channel 3 will continue to cover this story, and are investigating a petition to change management at the shelter. You can read their original story here, and they will post updates.


  • Lynne

    And just how many people passed this lovely dog and did nothing, to the point his face was frozen to the ground.. People amaze me

  • william

    It is crazy if he wasnt a pitbull he would have beeen given a second chance at life. makes me sick learn the breed before you punish it

  • Marie

    This shelter needs investigated. The dog had captured the hearts of people & an effort was being made to save the dog. Even if the dog “turned for worse” did the shelter contact the vet or Lauren Sanders? God forbids an animal gets loose or lost around here now that we know there’s a murderer at large that works at the shelter.

  • Kelley

    This breaks my heart…and NOT only for Ozzy, but for every other PIT BULL (and other breeds), that are NOT giving the chance. This NEEDS to stop! These shelters, need to stat sheltering & STOP killing! Enough is enough! In my mind, shelter or not, this is abuse, is there is NO excuse for any kind of animal abuse! This shelter needs to be looked at more closely…something just isn;t right!

  • Mara

    It’s horrible and sickening, that they are allowed to do this all dogs/pets are to be allowed the whole amount of time on the stray hold. No matter what breed they are, because I love my pit and if I came back as an owner who by any reason lost him, and they did this they better pray the cops are close because someone wouldn’t be leaving the place in a pine box. To some of us they are our fury kids. And they descriminate against the breed so unfairly, why if u know u could save a live, instead this people turn around and instead and kill the dog. They’re atrocious. .

  • Debbie Bell

    Understand this about pitbully people: While they’re barking and growling about this one particular pit situation, this is not because they care about pitbull welfare, it’s because they love to fight!
    They know that millions of surplus pits and pit mixes are born year after year, they know that dog fighting continues and grows, they know that pit bulls are the best at escaping and killing other dogs, they know there is a pitbull crisis, but they don’t actually care.

    Proof? Their refusal to offer or accept any breed specific solutions to reduce this horrific breed-specific crisis.
    Thinking compassionate people, who actually care about the welfare of their dog of choice, do not want to see their dog become popular, as over-demand leads to over breeding, and over population, then abuse, neglect and death follow. This is acceptable to the pit bully people.

    Again they do not actually care about pitbull welfare.
    Actually they are no different from those who fight dogs. Predictable and preventable dogs suffering and death is acceptable to them.
    Their resistance to ways of reducing pitbull over-population enables dogfighting to continue and grow.

    Pitbully people are bullies. They only truly care about themselves, their egos , and their ability to breed / acquire / own the dog of their choice.

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