GOLDMAN: The Richmond Times-Dispatch must think I’m an idiot

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Paul Goldman is a local lawyer who helped run Doug Wilder's historic campaign for governor of Virginia.

RICHMOND, Va. – I know I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But an idiot?  That stings.

Admittedly it’s my fault. There is no law requiring me to read the Richmond Times Dispatch editorial page. But I do. A writer has to be informed of stuff right?

Like any idiot, I looked up the description in Wikipedia.

“The modern meaning …dates back to…around the year 1300.”

That’s around the time the King of France expelled all the Jews. Six hundred forty-four years later, the Goldmans land on D-Day to give the French their country back from the Nazis. Go figure.

Fortunately they designed Google to be used by idiots. That’s whole point of the Internet right? Anyone can use it to find stuff. Since the word “idiot” seemed a tad harsh, I wanted to find synonyms.

This is what Google gave me: fool,  ass, halfwit, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, moron, imbecile, simpleton, dope, ninny, nincompoop, chump, dimwit, dumbo, dummy, dumdum, loon, dork, sap, jackass, blockhead, jughead, bonehead, knucklehead, fathead, butthead, numbskull… you get the idea.

Truth is, I probably have been called most of them more than once over the years. So, I might as well just accept being an idiot.

After all, who but an idiot would be expected by the Richmond Times Dispatch to believe their editorial this past Saturday?

They quoted the following insight – from Mayor Jones’  State of the City speech –  in their editorial supporting his Shockoe Bottom Stadium proposal:

“At some point, we need to tie a knot on this and get it done. And if we don’t, I think in 10 years then Shockoe will look like it looks today.” It is hard to dispute him”

This is February of 2014. According to the Richmond Times Dispatch and Mayor Jones, if we don’t build his Shockoe Bottom Stadium, the area will look the same in 2024.

With all due respect, only an idiot could be expected to believe such a silly statement.

Apparently the Mayor and the RTD believe Richmond City Council consists of at least five and perhaps seven idiots. We will learn soon enough.

But I ask again, who, but an idiot, could possibly not be insulted if your Mayor and your hometown newspaper expected you believe such drivel, such utter nonsense?

The Mayor’s – and now the RTD’s – Shockoe Bottom Stadium will cost well over $100 million in public dollars to build and finance.

Surely the Mayor and the RTD owe Richmonders an explanation as to why this statement is true as they work 24/7 to find a way to get their hands on all that money while bypassing the expected rights of the people built into the City Charter.

Is that too much to ask? Even for an idiot.

Paul Goldman is in no way affiliated with WTVR. His comments are his own, and do not reflect the views of WTVR or any related entity. Neither WTVR nor any of its employees or agents participated in any way with the preparation of Mr. Goldman’s comments.


  • Digger

    Paul, first of all, you have to remember that it’s the Times Dispatch. Not like a reputable source of news since the other Buffet bought it. Then you have to remember that this mayor’s ONLY way to get anything done is to make people think they are idiots if they don’t agree with him. He has less leadership ability then a community organizer…

  • Three Strikes

    Jack- yep, your wrong. That is the fastest growing neighborhood in the City. Lets say it another way- this neighborhood has grown and changed more in the last ten years than any other neighborhood in the City of Richmond. And there are no signs of that changing with new building permits, land acquisitions , rehab activity, and new construction. I think there have been over 1,000 new apartments added in the last ten years. Thats is part of Mr. Goldmans point. You would have to be an idiot to believe nothing will change in twenty years. Shockoe Bottom is much more than the four/five blocks the Mayor wants everyone to focus on when he speaks of the Bottom. With or without baseball, that neighborhood will be entirely different in ten more years.

  • jackburton77

    First of all it’s “you’re” and all you are counting is the college “Ramz” construction. That’s for the university (not the City of Richmond) and all of the other apartments were established before 2004, i.e. Tobacco Row/RIver Lofts…so you’re wrong.

    Shockoe Bottom is still filled with the dingy cesspool bars and restaurants. Places like the fan have improved marginally and this city needs a boost in that area.

    • athynz

      Let’s see – there is work being done in the bottom. It makes no difference is that work is being paid for by the university or by the city – growth is growth.

  • Dustin Cavanaugh

    Just because you are a stick in the mud doesn’t mean they are cesspool bars but since you want to go there. The fan is for yuppies and greedy rich people and I wouldn’t be caught did paying the price for nothing there. Everything is expensive simply because people will pay it. I lived there 20 years so please tell me how I don’t know what I am talking about. You are likely one of those stuck up yuppies which is why you consider anything that you don’t like to be a “cesspool.” Also, the college brings in money for the city dumb dumb. The college doing well means more tourism and more money. A double-A stadium for a horribly named baseball team will NOT bring in money. It will WASTE money. I don’t know why people think a crappy double A team will bring in the money. How many people do you see traveling for any other double A team? None. Stop being delusional like the mayor.

  • Three Strikes

    Oh, Jack, Don’t get upset because you happen to make a mistake. We all do it. It wouldn’t matter if I use your, you’re, youins, or ya’ll. The Bottom is the fastest growing neighborhood in the City of Richmond. Period. That’s new businesses and new residences.

    Your facts are off yet again I’m affraid. Check the new apartments located between 18th and 19th on Cary. Or maybe you should review permitting for the area and you will see one of the most expensive condo projects in the City about to pop. Where? Shockoe Bottom baby! We are not the idiots you and the Mayor want us to be. The only ‘boost that area needs is for people like you and the Mayor to step aside, let the developers continue doing what they are are doing very well- making Shockoe Bottom one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the City. If you do, it will definitely not be the same in 20 years.

    • jackburton77

      “The bottom is the fastest growing neighborhood in the city”

      You need to read that again. That’s like a gold medal in the special olympics guy.

      One apartment complex is your proof that it’s moving and shaking down there?

      You just made the point for me. Thank you!

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        I think parking getting even worse instead of better indicates that jack old boy. The college is entirely relevant and there is more to “busy” than homes. Such a funny old man.

      • athynz

        Are you this much of a “Jack Cass” with everyone who disagrees with you or is it just because you are relatively anonymous here?

        There are some seedy dives in the bottom as well as some decent places and things have changed in the bottom – the fact is the Mayor wants to pull the wool over gullible eyes so he can push his legacy stadium through. But don’t take my word for it – or Dustin’s or Three Strikes for that matter why don’t you go take a look for yourself.

      • jackburton77

        I work and live near the bottom. The majority of spots down here are second rate.

        I’d never take your word for anything because you just say things without any real backup. Have fun with that.

  • Becky

    One Explanation:
    Dwight Jones, Mayor, serves as President of Venture Richmond.
    Charles Samuels, President, Richmond City Council, serves on the Venture Richmond Board.
    Ellen Robertson, Vice President, Richmond City Council, serves on the Venture Richmond Board.
    Thomas SILVESTRI, President and Publisher, Richmond Times-Dispatch, serves on the Venture Richmond Board.
    …Venture Richmond and Sports Backers, and other such Special
    Interest Consortiums hide under the protections of Tax Exempt/
    Non Profit Status, as Lobbyists, with apparently NO rules, regulations, laws, holding hands with Elected Officials, to extort taxes, in corruption,
    collusion, and their Scams for their Wills their Way.
    Not Good for a Targeted Republican Governor.
    “Perfectly Politically “Correct” for A Democratic Mayor and his Political Donors, Contributors, Rich Friends. and Power Brokers, like
    Altria, Dominion, Bon Secours, Ukrops, Developers, Real Estate Agents,
    Lawyers, Businesses.”
    See their names plastered around Richmond from the “Deals” for
    their Buy Ins and Their Pay Offs?

    • Becky

      ALL local Media Outlets serve on Venture Richmond Sports Backers
      Boards as Partners/Advertising Agencies.
      Through the Mayor/Council manipulations such as Refusing a Public
      Referendum; the bonds have now been changed, with different
      reporting and governance, set up to just Suit, at their convenience,
      their Ramrodded Agenda/Legacy/SCAM.

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