Cars with expired out-of-state tags frustrate neighbors

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- If you cruise around Central Virginia long enough, you’re sure to spot vehicles with out-of-state tags, some of them expired.

CBS 6 News spotted a Lexus that one viewer pointed out. It’s a car he says he sees almost daily with an expired tag from September 2010.

To some drivers like Arnitra Whitfield, it just doesn’t make sense.

“They should realize once you move here you just have to pay the taxes for Virginia. Then you’re still not paying them at home, so you’re getting over both ways," Whitfield said.

Others said when they see tags that have expired years ago, they wonder just how safe it is for that car to be on the road. Their fear is that the driver has not been completing state inspections either.

"Because during that inspection, they check your brakes, your belts and see if the car is operating properly,” driver Kenneth Whitfield added.

DMV reps told CBS 6 News that by law, a newcomer to Virginia must title and register his or her vehicle. They have 30 days to do so and must also surrender their out of state tags.

However, active duty military service members, reserve and National Guard members whose vehicles are licensed and titled in another state, are exempted.

In Virginia if you register your car and get new tags, you must also show that you have current insurance. If not, you could face a $500 uninsured motorist fee.

A typical registration could run you between $20 and $40, depending on the size of the vehicle.

DMV reps said these are fees that don’t go into Virginia’s coffers when drivers try to skirt the law.


  • E Marshall Buckles

    Ok, here is what to do if you see an expired tag from another state. Write down the tag number and state (including the last date the tag was good as may be on the tag). and a description of the car. If you know the name of the person, and their current address or workplace, write that down too. If you don’t know the name, at least write down where you have been seeing the car with the expired out of state tag. Write a letter jointly addressed to the DMV of the state of the expired tag, to the State Police of that state, to the Virginia DMV, to the Virginia State Police and to the police department or sheriff’s office of the locality where you see the car. Reference the above suggested information. Tell them that you have been seeing this car/truck in [whatever locality] for [however long it has been] and that they do not appear to be registered in Virginia and their tag from their state of origin appears to have expired quite some time ago as of [whatever year it was]. Send the letter copies to the out of state DMV, to the out of state State Police, to the Virginia DMV, to the Virginia State Police and to the local police department or sheriff’s office. It may take a little while, however, eventually they will be caught and required to get Virginia tags. Especially if the person with the out of state expired tags lives in your neighborhood or works at your workplace, be aware that the tags could be stolen and the person using them involved in criminal activity of some sort. I would advise asking the above agencies to regard your letter as being confidential.

  • S&W380

    People who have something to hide or who are breaking the law & don’t want to get caught say that smh. What are we… In jail? In the mob?? Seriously lol get a new vocabulary. We are talking about the law & the safety of people driving on the roads… Our kids. Not who is hiding a shank under their cot. If they don’t want to get “ratted” out all they have to do is be like every other citizen & register their vehicle. It’s not that difficult now is it??

  • formerleo

    Like he said how boring is your life to sit around and play cop. If the police aren’t worried about these scoff laws then mind your own business or take up a hobby you nosy busy body

  • mandilife

    I think the point of the first comment was that if the person who is complaining is going to the news about this, instead if they are so worried about it than take the steps to get it fixed like doing what the first comment says.

  • Nefani

    With all the problems out there THIS is the one you pick to worry about? For the love of god can we stop with the “it’s for the children”? There are still states that do not require annual inspections and wheels aren’t flying off cars and killing little children! Oh and I don’t have anything to hide. I have 2 vehicles with personalized vanity plates good through 2016…

  • MLee Baker

    Waste of time busy bodies. I haven’t heard of any rash of criminal activity concerning this issue. And they probably are given a small fine or dismissed by playing ignorant, the Judges aren’t going to be spending a lot of time on this, and it’s probably a mail in violation anyway. If Police are going to be distracted from real enforcement that REALLY is a safety issue, I’d rather see them concentrate on the reckless driving of kids who don’t know the limits of their cars and abilities yet that ignore traffic laws. I’d really like to see a crack down on kids with these little cars using intersection stops and back roads as their own personal drag strips. Those are accidents and deaths that can be prevented. These registration scofflaws will be caught in time when pulled over for other violations.

  • Chris Tharrington

    Maybe people should be more upset they have to pay to get a bogus safety inspection and tags every year and pay taxes on that vehicle because crooked greedy politicians rob their hard earned money. People reporting stuff like expired tags are the reason our citizens are being pilaged daily. Wake up sheeple.!!!!

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