McAuliffe tackles Medicaid, same-sex marriage ban

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Newly-elected Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe made his first appearance on WRVA's "Ask the Governor" call-in show Thursday morning.

During the show, Governor McAuliffe addressed and variety of topics including same-sex marriage and potential difficulties he may face fulfilling his campaign promise to expand Medicaid eligibility to more Virginians.

"Twenty-six states are now using our taxpayer dollars to provide healthcare for their citizens, keeping their healthcare costs lower. So this is our money," the governor said. "Whatever you like on the Healthcare bill, that's over. We've got to pay it in. Let's bring this money back.  It's our money."

When asked about Attorney General Mark Herring's recent announcement that he planned to change Virginia's position on the state's same-sex marriage ban, the governor said Virginia must be opening and welcoming to everyone.

"I stressed this every day on the campaign. If you can come to Virginia and start a business and help us grow our economy and create jobs, we want you here," he said.


  • Daniel Beasley

    I am very open to Charge the current Adm. with Treason for not up holding the State of Va.’s Constitution.

    • manalishi

      Isn’t he off to a great start? 2 crony appointments so far, now he wants to make this a welfare based state too. The new slavery is here.

  • Gerry

    I wonder when he will address Marijuana? Since it is gaining legal status across the US, it should be addressed soon.

    • manalishi

      Sure, follow the colorado lead. $400 per ounce plus a 25% sales tax. Call it a legal status if you wish, but voting to bust your wallet is a validation that pot burns way to many brain cells.

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