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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) --From just a few bumps and bruises to spinal injuries, first responders said that Wednesday was probably a near record in terms of sledding incidents.

Just like the snow, there was no shortage of people sledding in Richmond’s Forest Hill Park. For a long time it's been the place for those who had another day off from school.

"Having the buzz of just shooting down the hill is just fun," George Powell said.

It’s a fun sport for him and sledding has become a tradition for others, but, the experience wasn’t so pleasant for a few people.

The Richmond Ambulance Authority responded to at least six emergency calls for service during the day because of injuries from sledding.

“Today is probably a near record in terms of sledding incidents,” says Rob Lawrence, with the RAA.

Lawrence tells CBS 6’s Lorenzo Hall, the injuries have ranged from just a few bumps and bruises to spinal injuries, and it’s not just children they’ve had to help, but adults, too.

“The majority of the calls have been where sleds have come into contact with other trees or tree stumps on slopes,” says Lawrence.

None of the injuries in Richmond were life threatening, but, with most children off from school again Thursday, Lawrence wants to remind you about the risks that come with sledding.

According to data from the center for injury research and policy, more than half of the sledding injuries in the United States were due to head collisions, which is likely to result in traumatic brain injury.

In a first of its kind study, researchers examined the number of children rushed to the emergency room in 2010 because of sledding.

That year, there were more than 20,000 injuries.

“They're all out to have a great time, but, they're just not paying attention to their environment and the slope that they're on,” says Lawrence.

He recommends you keep from sledding in the streets on near busy roads. Lawrence says, that’s where most injuries occur.