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VCU students vent snow frustrations on social media

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RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) – When your school doesn’t appear on the snow closing list , what do you do? Vent your frustration on social media of course.

Some VCU students were frustrated with the university’s decision to operate on an almost normal schedule Wednesday.

Last week, Tuesday night classes were cancelled and students were told to use their best judgement when commuting. But after last night’s snowfall, VCU opened with a slight delay at 10 a.m., making some students feel that the school didn’t care about their safety.

A feeling some VCU students expressed on Instagram.


  • jackburton77

    So dumb. This isn’t high school anymore yall.

    Don’t’s your decision and if you have to commute then send your teacher an email and say you can’t make it.

    Everyone else isn’t concerned with safety but the reality is they just want to get drunk and sleep in. Keep wasting your parents money.

    • Kay

      Are you a VCU student? If you are, you would know that classes that take attendance only accept certain excuses for missing a class. Bad roads and weather conditions aren’t one of them. Missing one class can be the difference between an A and a B. VCU is forcing students to make a choice between their safety and being behind in class. That in my opinion isn’t fair.

      Ps. We don’t and never have need a reason to get drunk. Please understand.

      • Frosty

        Then get up early and get to class, or don’t and accept the penalty. If you’re truly worried about your life and safety, take the B. When you graduate and enter the workforce, you’ll find out just how unfair life can be. At that point, instead of getting a B, you could get fired. I work near VCU and the roads were not that bad this morning. I agree wholeheartedly there’s no need of a reason to get drunk. Cheers!

      • jackburton77

        Got my undergrad and masters there and road hazards were certainly an acceptable reason to miss class. This was 15 years ago so, if anything, things have become more safety oriented.

        Maybe stop crying wolf during non-inclement weather situations and this wouldn’t be an issue?

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        After seeing this guy talk he is not a student. The only classes he takes are Ignorance 101. JSRCC closed today and I am surprised VCU did not.

      • jackburton77

        lol Reynolds is a Community College Dustin. You do realize that means they don’t have housing on campus right?

        Back in the day, when I went to VCU and you had to walk there (uphill both ways), the number of commuters was larger than it is today. It’s an urban college that will certainly give someone an absence on a day like this…my guess though is that the people complaining about that probably have sub par attendance on a blue bird day.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        JSRCC is like that as well and I assumed VCU was likely the same. Fortunately JSRCC isn’t as difficult when it comes to closing when it is necessary.

    • JN

      You must really lack substance in your life if you have the time to argue with college students on an online news site. I’m guessing you studied a worthless degree like anthro or sociology, so best of luck to you. You sad, sad shell of a man.

    • Zach

      As a VCU student (that showed up today!) I think the problem is that last week, the streets in RVA were fine, but we closed, and now they are coated in snow and ice, but we have class.
      However, when you have a professor that has a strict policy towards attendance, the whole VCU line of “use your best judgement” feels like a big middle finger to a lot of commuters…

      Lose a letter grade<Wreck my car in the snow

      Should not be something we have to decide when we pay thousands of dollars a semester to attend.

    • Dustin Cavanaugh

      You try getting to school in the snow on a bicycle. It’s like it’s raining stupid in this article’s comments.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        I am. It’s unfortunate you do not understand it. Might want to go back to school old man. Your reasoning abilities are becoming shot. You should exercise that brain muscle again instead of that mouth muscle.

    • jackburton77

      The guy dropping insults is the one that has the more sound logic and reasoning skill? Apparently you are the walking generalization for your generation.

      Mouth muscle? I’m not talking to you…this is called typing.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        The irony here is astounding. First off I was using figurative language. Secondly, talking is not limited to speaking. Talking is any form of communication whether it be verbal, written, digital, whatever. SPEAKING is limited to verbal communication.

  • Dustin Cavanaugh

    Hey Jack “This was 15 years ago” so why assume it remains true now? Get your old *ss on somewhere.

    • jackburton77

      I didn’t assume that it remained true. I stated that safety was probably more paramount today. You need to get your young self to class..reading comprehension would be a fantastic start.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        Lol. I am the last person you want to speak to about reading comprehension. That would be a losing battle on your behalf. You implied with “Got my undergrad and masters there and road hazards were certainly an acceptable reason to miss class. This was 15 years ago so, if anything, things have become more safety oriented.” that 15 years ago that excuse was accepted. You say things are safer, and for the most part they are. You ASSUME though that people you don’t know work in a way you have no reason to think. You use fallacious logic. Just because things have statistically gotten safer does NOT mean by default that that is always the case. As I said, get your old *ss on somewhere with that ignorance.

      • jackburton77

        Case in point. I didn’t say things had gotten safer. I implied that leadership and administrations had become more safety conscious and that would lead to being more accepting towards absences.

        Apparently you are the first person that needs comprehension lessons.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        ” I implied that leadership and administrations had become more safety conscious and that would lead to being more accepting towards absences.” and that means what summarized? You implied that THINGS HAVE GOTTEN SAFER. They HAVE. It’s a fallacy though to believe by default that this is true and you come in here bashing people in regards to something you have no clue about. You don’t have to directly say something in order to indirectly imply it. As a matter of fact you keep repeating the same implication. It’s funny lol.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        Let’s use cause and effect for a second shall we? You admit you implied that administration has gotten more safety conscience. If this is true what would be the effect? HIGHER OVERALL SAFETY! That’s exactly what you have been saying. You also are not wrong in the idea that overall they have become more safety conscious. You ignore the fact that you assume based on probability as opposed to reality.

      • jackburton77

        I’m not sure if you should be using the words “fallacy”, “logic” or “reason” if you can’t understand something that simple and need it summarized.

        To get it out of the way though. Yes Dustin..the world is a safer place than it was 15 years ago. Although, that was not the point of my statement.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        You have made numerous “statements”. The implication when taking them all in context is that because 15 years ago it was an excuse and these people have gotten more safety conscience then because you think they should then they will understand such an absence. You are clear in what you say, it is just ridiculously flawed logic.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        “I guess you didn’t read the part about a reasonably clean prior attendance record did you?” I wasn’t aware you made those decisions. As I said you speak on your assumption of how things should work and not necessarily the reality of how they actually work.

      • jackburton77

        Say assumption again.

        In reality that is how it works though??? What are you talking about?

        Are you this upset about classes not being canceled that it’s blinded you of common sense?

        In any world those are acceptable practices and guidelines and it’s obvious that you haven’t had enough life experiences to know what “reality” really is!

        I speak from experience..not a book..that’s how logic and reasoning work Dustin. You take the most likely things and make an educated guess about the outcome. The variables can be slight unknowns, in this case, so best judgment would need to be applied..along with history.

        You’re really struggling with this?

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        I am a CS major at JSRCC. I can do my work at home. As I said I am not thinking about myself I am thinking about the next man. I am not mad that classes were cancelled. It makes no difference to me. I am not my concern. Others are my concern. “In any world those are acceptable practices and guidelines and it’s obvious that you haven’t had enough life experiences to know what “reality” really is!” lol. I love how you constantly assume. What is real life to you? I don’t think YOU know what real life is. I am 25 and have seen more in my 25 years than most people will see in their entire life lol. My proof of this? Lack of statistical documentation of others experiencing the combined experiences I have. You admit you are taking your experience as using it to make a judgment call. The thing is that would be fine and dandy if YOU were the one making the decisions. You cannot assume the person making the decisions will use your same thought process however you do assume this regardless. If you did not you would have saved the bashing until after you knew the mindset of the one in charge instead of what you assumed their mindset to be.

    • jackburton77

      “I am 25 and have seen more in my 25 years than most people will see in their entire life lol”

      So now you’re making the assumptions and then saying your data lies within the people YOU have talked to. Until you talk to every person on earth you are as bad as you claim me to be.

      Hypocrisy at its finest.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        I said “statistical documentation” so tell me how that means “the people I have talked to”? Do you know what statistical documentation means? It means the number of documented experiences. For example when a gallup poll takes a poll of lets say 50,000 Americans they get a general idea of the population as a whole and while it’s rough it is pretty indicative. I am not the one assuming here.

      • jackburton77

        Oh and Dustin just to prove my “theory.” Ask ALL of your teachers about my assumption and see if they don’t agree 100 percent.

        Here are the guidelines

        – Have a reasonable attendance record
        – Miss class because of snow
        – School doesn’t close

        Would you excuse the absence?

        Seriously, stop your posturing and put your money where your mouth is.

        Winner gets a free weekend trip to Petersburg!

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        “Ask ALL of your teachers about my assumption and see if they don’t agree 100 percent.” – Lol. It doesn’t matter what you think, I think, or they think. It matters what the person making the decisions thinks. The fact that JSRCC is closed and VCU is not proves my point and disproves yours.

        “Would you excuse the absence?” – Yes. That is irrelevant though because my opinion doesn’t change anything as it’s not my decision. Why is this such a hard concept to grasp for you?

      • jackburton77

        Oh and of course it matters. What I outlined was the statistical documentation that you seek. The same kind you use to assume that you have more life experiences than others.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        “Every student at JSRCC has to drive to class” and you think people at VCU sleep in the classroom? Just because they have on campus housing does not mean that everyone that goes there lives in campus. Also, many of those people still have to drive from point A to point B. On-campus housing is irrelevant and you continue to prove my point with your assumptions based on how you think things should be rather than what the reality of things are.

      • jackburton77

        Hahaha are you serious? You do realize that’s why most colleges, with housing on campus, don’t cancel classes for snow right?

        Oh yeah you go to Sarge…that explains why you don’t know that.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        Just because you say it does not make it true, and because of the fact that not all students live on campus that is why it’s irrelevant. As someone who understands the importance of a GPA and the battle to keep it high, classes that give a grade for attendance, even the slightest, are detrimental to your success as a student. When the school is closed it CANNOT count against you. When the school is not closed it is at the discretion of the professor. The problem with this is it allows too much wiggle room and too many possible negative outcomes. If the policy was as you say it is so many people wouldn’t be upset. This isn’t 15 years ago, although they have become more safety conscience they have also become more bureaucratic. You are a funny guy. So ignorant to being ignorant.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        *conscious. I really wish they added an edit feature. It’s not like it’s rocket science to do. They use wordpress and not any custom code.

      • jackburton77

        Actually it’s a fact that universities close less often, due to inclement weather, than community colleges. It isn’t an assumption. Do some fairly easy research and find out for yourself.

        That would make it fair to say that professors, at colleges with a higher number of commuters, would be more likely to excuse an absence due to inclement weather.

        I applied common sense there and almost anyone, without an agenda to not look dumb on a comments section, would agree.

        If you don’t feel that’s true then ok…but you would be wrong.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        “Actually it’s a fact that universities close less often, due to inclement weather, than community colleges. It isn’t an assumption. Do some fairly easy research and find out for yourself.
        That would make it fair to say that professors, at colleges with a higher number of commuters, would be more likely to excuse an absence due to inclement weather.” First you need to read and understand what it is I am saying. It’s sad that you cannot understand what I say even though I speak clear English. “Actually it’s a fact that universities close less often, due to inclement weather, than community colleges. It is a fact based on statistics but it is NOT a constant nor is it definitive. Another choice of words you use “would be more likely” which implies just the same that it is NOT DEFINITIVE. The fact it is NOT DEFINITIVE is why you cannot state it as fact. You can state the STATISTICS as fact but you CANNOT claim this to always be true as it is as I said, based on probability NOT reality.

  • Kelsey

    Wow, the comments on this are ridiculous. In all honestly I had hoped for a snow day and thought it would’ve been appropriate and a few of my professors agreed to stay home. However, whiners? I dont know about that. I walk to school everyday and last week when they failed to cancel class, i went. On the way I was almost hit and fell 3 times on ice. Driving isnt the only problem. Ill agree today isnt bad but dont act as though we are collectively trying to just be idoits and drink.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        “Exactly why they would have had zero problem excusing you from class today…if need be.” you are an idiot. You cannot speak for anyone else why don’t you get that?

      • Bobby Cox

        That’s not how VCU policy works. They don’t care what your past attendance record is. You either showed up or you didn’t. No excuses. If you had to gone to work every day, and then just didn’t show up one day, most bosses don’t care about past attendance record. They just know you weren’t there.

    • Dustin Cavanaugh

      The only one looking like a fool right now is you and your inability to use basic logic and understand basic English.

      • jackburton77

        What basic logic? You don’t understand that universities close less often than community colleges because they have campus housing.

        Do you realize how crazy it is that you don’t know that?

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        I never said that, that is due to you not being able to read. I said that is irrelevant to the issue at hand. Whether they close or don’t close more often has nothing to do with the decision someone else will make. Learn to read and you wouldn’t be misunderstanding.

  • Dustin Cavanaugh

    “More likely” “less often” all of these are probability. You can make an educated guess based on probability but that is not a definitive assumption only one more likely based on the probability calculated. You are less likely to get struck by lightning if you aren’t near a a metal rod as a metal rod is a greater conductor than a human. That does not mean a human will never get struck by lightning when not near a metal conductor only that it is more likely if they are standing near one. Basic logic and reasoning.

  • Stuart

    Hampden-Sydney College has cancelled classes on 2 occasions dating back to 1775. One was for a Civil War Battle being fought on campus, the second was for a hurricane that caused sever damage on campus. MAN UP!

  • Cort

    I just wanted to chime in really quick and say that I went to my 9am last week and half my class didn’t show up. The professor replied with the statement “It’s good you all showed up because I will not be going over this information for those who didn’t show up.” So making the “safe” judgment call of not showing up for class costed students valuable knowledge.

  • C

    I just LOLed. Try going to class in -11 and a foot of snow and you have just about every week at UVM. In my four years of college, we never had a snow day.

    • Dustin Cavanaugh

      Try thinking, how about that? Places that are known to have lots of snow are prepared for lots of snow. Richmond is not one of those places dumb dumb.

  • Mechengr

    VCU Engineering student here. I can’t afford to stay on campus (I live in Glen Allen), and I had an exam this morning at 10AM. I emailed my professor last night regarding inclement weather- I wanted to make sure ahead of time that I would be given a makeup date if i couldn’t make it to class. Professor said he couldn’t do that for me unless the school was officially closed. So I left at 7:45 in the morning (2 hour, 15 minute cushion for a 30 minute drive). I drove carefully and slowly, but it turns out my 2003 Nissan Maxima doesn’t do too well in the snow. I found my self holding up traffic on 295 because my car kept slipping. I lost control at about 35mph and had to pull over and call for help. I couldn’t get to school until about 10:30- my professor wouldn’t let me in to take an exam. Gaping 12.5% of my final grade. Goodbye, 4.0.

  • Aden

    As a student who doesn’t drink or party and who has to commute all I can say is all you people who think VCU students are just complaining and need to grow up are idiots. My car slid through 3 red lights coming to and from work both last week and this morning. That being said the plows near my house didn’t get around to it so I’ve missed 3 classes so far. Is it fair that because VCU doesn’t care about student safety that I will get an instant D or fail if I miss another class?

    • Dustin Cavanaugh

      I believe it Aden. I had school Monday and missed my first class because the plows never got around and I was stuck in the snow and couldn’t get out.

  • jackburton77

    It’s your own fault if you don’t have the means to get to and from school in inclement weather.

    Last time I checked Grtc was running just fine and this “storm” was forecasted well.

    It’s like someone going to UVA and living in Baltimore and complaining they can’t make it to class on time.

    College is the step before the real world. Try these lame excuses IF and it’s a big if, you get a decent job.

    • Dustin Cavanaugh

      You have never lived in the real world. When you have no family, cannot afford to eat, and are still trying to go to school on an empty belly so you can eventually get ahead. Then tell me about the real world. As a matter of fact. Your ignorance shows you would never be able to handle the real world. Obsessive compulsive disorder, motor tic, and Bipolar type 1. Combine that with being in poverty, having no family, trying to get ahead on nothing knowing the saying goes “It takes money to make money” you try doing that for a bit. I dare you. Until then you can’t tell me you know anything about the real world. Also notice I never complained myself about this. I complained out of concern for others. You also said it’s someone else’s fault that they d*mn near killed themselves going to school. You are definitely a piece of sh*t and if you get m*rdered it would be good riddance honestly. People like you are why the world is not advancing as it should. By the way you got destroyed in every argument by an “adult-child” so you really should think about going back to school. That cracker jack box degree isn’t going to cut it.

  • jackburton77

    Oh and Aden the people giving you a hard time live in the real world….not some fantasy land that should apparently cater to thousands of different needs and wants.

    You and cavanuagh should start a relief fund.

    • Dustin Cavanaugh

      Check your privilege. My mother died in a boating accident when I was 3 months old and my dad has been in prison my whole life. I take care of myself barely. I don’t have 3 dollars for the bus. I have eaten 3 meals in 5 days. Even with all of that my concern in this thread was others. Don’t you even try to tell me about the real world you ignorant, entitled, stuck up piece of sh*t.

  • Mara

    I’m a VCU grad student who commutes from over an hour away. Tomorrow I have to travel long, back roads that aren’t clear and safe at the worst times of day (early in the morning and late at night). I missed class last week because of bad weather, and I don’t feel like I can miss again tomorrow. I think it’s completely ridiculous that I have to put myself in danger to drive to class so that I’m not more behind than I already am. While the school claims that we should “use our best judgement”, teachers are not as understanding, and frown upon us missing class because a lot of my classes involve participation and group work. All the other schools in Richmond are closed, so the roads are clearly not safe to be on. VCU should be putting their students safety first.

    • jmp

      For all of you who are getting screwed by your teachers not allowing for your absence or lateness, March to the department head’s office and state your case. If that doesn’t work, go straight to the dean. There are people that are on payroll to be on your side and, contrary to popular belief, the professors are not among them. Its like that at almost every big school. So just start shooting emails, making appointments, etc. and get done what you need to get done to get this nonsense excused. For anyone complaining they’re simply behind, work through your entire weekend and get caught up. Go to extra help sessions to speed up the process. If you can’t catch up on a single day’s lectures, you have bigger problems in your future than your grades.

      And next time you know a big storm is coming, stay with a friend who lives closer to school just in case. If school does get called off, open a bottle of whiskey and make a day of it. For those of you saying its too dangerous to take a bike to school, try walking it. Maybe your 15 minute bike ride turns into an hour walk. But at least you get there and don’t have to deal with nonsense.

      • jackburton77

        Glad some common sense finally showed up in this article.

        The people complaining about this non-issue do have bigger problems in their life. Great point! I noticed that in many of the insane responses.

  • Eddie

    Wow, people cry too much about this stuff. I got four inches in two hours here in colorado (Richmond native) and guess what? NOTHING CLOSED. stop whining, put your big girl panties on, and carry on with life.

    • Dustin Cavanaugh

      See my earlier comment about places that commonly get snow being prepared for snow. Variables what are they!? This isn’t rocket science and you being a Richmond native is irrelevant.

      • jackburton77

        You are so uninformed it’s amazing lol.

        Educate yourself and realize that Virginias snow budget is more than twice the northern states.

        Vdot was prepared and did a great job yesterday. Can’t believe you people are still complaining about less than a few inches of snow!

        Talk about entitled. You are the poster boy.

  • Charlotte

    At least it’s not like you guys are going to vt where classes are never cancelled no matter what happens and we get the same amount if not more snow then you guys. Not to mention how bad the wind chill is here. Every. Single. Day. But we still go to class and aren’t complaining through social media.

  • Xavier

    A portion of the student body may have campus housing, but a portion doesn’t, and most certainly not the faculty and staff who commute to work. The school is not the sum of the student body, but the administration seems to believe so. VCU should make their decisions a bit earlier so commuters know if they can sleep longer versus waiting to the last moment to determine if the school feels its done an adequate job in cleaning its own sidewalk/pathways as well as whether the roads both major and secondary would allow justifiable delay or closings, not just that on campus students are already on campus when the support staff and faculty are not.

    • jackburton77

      The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. That’s why community colleges close. 100 percent commute. I’m not sure of the percentages but it’s probably around the 75%/25% @ VCU (75 percent on campus) so the reasoning to not close is sound.

      To your second “point” the teachers are going to know if they can or can’t get to class and have the ability through email or social media to inform their students whether class will be held or not.

      Some of you act like we should revert to the 1900’s because you don’t want to go to class. If one day will really get you behind the 8 ball that bad, like it has already been said, you have other significant problems to attend to.

  • Laura Simpson

    Jeez jack leave the kids alone. Seriously. I’m not even from the US but i know an irratating troll when i see one. Your just a smart a** who needs to be right and get the last word all the time. Quit it. Just let the kids have their voice and their opinion whether its wrong or right it doesn’t matter. Thata thw whole point over there isn’t it? Free speech?

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