Fan residents say no mail delivered last week

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- Richmond residents in the Fan District reached out to CBS 6 Monday, after a week passed, they say, without mail delivery.

"It's ridiculous it has been a  week without mail," Carrie Goldin, a Park Avenue resident, said.

"What happened to rain, snow, rain, ice delivery?" Goldin added.

The United States Postal Service returned to the Fan District Monday afternoon - delivering multiple, separate rounds of mail.

As for a reason? Mailmen in the area did not wish to speak on camera.

The USPS issued a statement indicating little was wrong according to their records.

Freda Sauter, a spokesman, said they had received one complaint of no mail from a customer.

"The postmaster checked into it and did not find any mail on hold – which means the letter carrier did not bring back mail to the Post Office for that customer that the carrier could not deliver," Sauter said.

Then he said they had not received any other complaints.

"Our letter carriers are very dedicated and make every attempt to deliver all mail distributed to their route within a scheduled time. They do not stop delivery of mail at 5:00 p.m.  Our customers may contact their local Postmaster if they have any  issues with the mail," Sauter said.

Residents are reminded to make a proper complaint if a disruption in service is noticed.

As for other nieghbors impacted, Alexander McLeod, said he just hopes all his missing mail is returned.

"Actually what we are thinking right now is whoever is responsible have thrown it in a ditch somewhere," McLeod said.


  • Mike G.

    I live on southsde and while I did get mail last week it didn’t come until around 7:00 or 7:30 all week. But it did get here. I have a very dedicated delivery woman. She’s one of the best.

    • loyalcarrier

      I’m not YOUR carrier but on behalf of all of us who do what it takes to get it done no matter what time of day or weather conditions…THANK YOU!!

  • George

    Not surprised at all… the Richmond area USPS is the laziest that I’ve encountered in the country. I also did not receive any mail this past week (On south side; off of Forrest Hill). To make things worse, I received a flyer from Best Buy early last week in the mail… it was an ad for Black Friday. That’s right…. junk mail, delivered 3+ months late. As if that isn’t bad enough, when I order items online, they consistently show up 1-3 days after scheduled. Strictly because of the post office. UPS and FedEx have no problem at all getting here on time. And they wonder why the USPS is running at record deficits….

    • Jimmy

      George, wether you want to believe it or not the USPS is the cheapest and most reliable delivery service in the U.S.A. If you think your postal service in your area is so deplorable step up and be a man. Don’t hide at home bad mouthing a bunch of carriers who have a job that you no nothing about. Walk yourself on down the street to your local post office and let them know you would like a job. There starting you off with 15 dollars an hour. You sound like you could do a carriers job much better than the seasoned carriers so I’m sure the post office will be drooling to have such a hard worker such as yourself onboard. They are hiring. There actually having a hard time getting people to apply. Must be because the job is so easy. But that’s ok. Once you get onboard all will be better in the postal community.

    • D Porterfield

      The USPS has bitten off more than they can chew. Sometime ago they formed contracts with UPS, FEDEX, and DHL to deliver certain “destination” packages. Meaning they will pick it up, travel to your destinations USPS where USPS will then deliver to the residence or business. They have been swamped by doing this. Also, many positions have retired, out on disability, etc. are not filled for several years, therefore you have Subs working those routes, they do not know well and until they do, will make mistakes. Being the reason for the increase in mistakes. Call your Postmaster until he fixes it!

  • Short Pump

    Although my mails was delivered every day, UPS transferred a package to the USPS on Tuesday in Richmond. I wasn’t delivered until Saturday. Pathetic.

    • loyalcarrier

      every question why it is that UPS transfers parcels to the USPS anyway? We empty ALL the parcels we get EVERY day and get them delivered daily. Some days don’t go as well as others depending on garbage cans blocking boxes, uncleared sidewalks and steps (safety first), dogs, cats, robberies etc. but we ALWAYS do the best we can with what he have. Again…why didn’t UPS deliver it……….

  • Real American

    Perhaps it’s because of Postmaster General Patrick Dononoe’s brilliant idea to consolidate mail-processing facilities across the country. He has repeatedly said how the mail volume has declined and refuses to hire career employees. The post office generates some 67 billion per year and he says they have no money? Somebody’s not telling the truth!

    • loyalcarrier

      yea, that’s the way to go! Then the thieves won’t have to risk you kicking their butts in person when they are stealing mail out of your mailbox, most of the time in visible sight, and can sit in the comfort of their homes and hack accounts, sight unseen!!! Also, costing this country even MORE jobs! Geesh lol

  • Mike

    It’s funny how people always complain about the USPS and the letter carriers. Not all carriers are lazy. The people that are complaining are the ones that won’t be able handle this job.
    They complain about a stamp going up 3 cents get over it. Do you complain when other products go up in price utility bills, food, alcohol, tobacco and the internet which you pay more than a sheet if stamps.

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