Bedbugs shutdown St. Mary’s ER waiting room

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- An emergency room at St. Mary's hospital was closed for several hours this weekend after hospital officials discovered a patient with bedbugs.
Judy Heilman, a Bon Secours spokeswoman, said the incident happened in the hospital’s triage center in the emergency department around 11 a.m Saturday.
The emergency room was closed for four hours, and an exterminator was called to treat the area.
Patients, who were moved to the pediatric emergency department, were offered showers.
The emergency room has since been reopened and operations are back to normal.


  • david

    you mean on top of the replacement hip and cold therapy lawsuits.Guess this is the next round of crappy commercials every 2 minutes.

  • Manalishi

    t’s a simple by-product of medicare/obozocare where everyone uses the ER as a a primary care. Lice is next. Maybe some scabies.

  • Bobby R.

    In response to the comment by Manalishi I an reminded of the adage(paraphrased somewhat) “It is better to remain silent ant be thought stupid than to open your mouth(read post a comment) and remove all doubt”

  • Dahai Dong explains how to convert entire bed into a bed bug trap with sleeper as inaccessible CO2 bait. Only an idiot uses vacuum or steam instead of poison bait to kill ants. No one should have used vacuum or steam for bed bugs if people knew bed-sized trap and poison bait have similar strategy and efficiency. Bed bugs only feed blood, can’t fly or jump, and must crawl to top of bed before they bite a sleeper. More than 99% feeding chance is at night. The trap eliminates this chance because bed bugs can’t access to top of bed. You can also eliminate the remaining 1% feeding chance at day time as easy as exterminators never carry bed bugs home, solving the problem immediately due to no more bites. It is not important how long to starve bed bugs based on common sense that a camper does not care how long to starve mosquitoes outside tent.
    Exterminators may rank heating entire room as the sole reliable method. It may fail because bed bugs also hide in electronics which may be damaged at 120F. Bed-sized bed bug trap kills 100% bed bugs no matter where they hide after one-time easy effort
    It is difficult for people to seek and kill bed bugs without missing a single one. It is easy for every bed bug to find sleeper and die on the way of seeking food. It is misleading bed bug control methods that make such an easy job become very difficult.

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