Cars, trucks can’t get up icy Richmond roads

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Icy roads in Richmond created problems for some downtown drivers Wednesday morning.

"It's unnecessary. The city should have cleared this road," Melissa Schneider said about the slippery scene along 7th Street near Main. "It is always this bad with the least little bit of ice or snow."

Shantel Nicholson's boyfriend was among the long line of drivers who struggled to get their car, truck or van up the hill. He was trying to drop Shantel off at work, but couldn't make it.

Nicholson jumped out and walked the remaining block so she wouldn't be so late for work. She worried about her boyfriend getting off that icy patch, which he did several minutes later.

Several good Samaritans were seen pushing stuck cars off the ice.

Police blocked off the area for several hours Wednesday so other drivers would not get stuck. The Richmond Department of Public Works eventually sent a crew to tend to the road. By lunch time appeared to be much better.

The road reopened about 11 a.m.


  • Jim McCauley

    Perhaps if the City had put something down on 7th Street like salt or sand there would not be such a problem. It looked untreated coming in to work this morning.

  • Jana Avery

    I don’t think the city did anything to any of the roads downtown. Even Broad and Belvidere weren’t cleared. 5th Street (after coming in from Shockoe Bridge) was worse than the country roads in New Kent County. You learn to expect that in the country, but not in the city! Totally unacceptable. State, county and city tax dollars at work–NOT.

  • donnie

    so wheres your mayor?At the very least he could have sent his security detail to put some sand down.Probably at a naacp meeting.

  • Thomas Smith

    Stop blaming Mayor Jones, he was trying to get some rest yesterday after working extended hours on MLK day.

  • Iam Neal

    wah wah wah…c’mon people…the city doesn’t (and shouldn’t) do any plowing when the snow is less than 3 inches…tears up the roads…as far as you folks having issues with the “hills” in Richmond…use some common sense folks…I know that’s a challenge…but use common sense anyways!

    • Paula Kennedy

      They will not plow with less then 3 inches of snow because of tearing up the plows….not the roads. Hope you don’t think they care if the roads get more potholes!

  • CJ

    There are a few fixes here. The two most important would have been for the city to put down some SAND and for folks to not drive on WORN tires. It’s called traction folks!

  • Mark

    Followed a City plow going down the middle of Brook Rd this AM which was completely covered with white packed snow.. Lights flashing, driving down the middle, dump completely loaded with sand/salt and not spreading one bit and plow riding high. Sad that this administration can find millions to spend on sports but can not even take care of the basic needs of safety and security for the taxpaying citizens

  • Kiki Marie Holder

    I find it hard to understand the logic that if you don’t want the school buses on the roads because of safety issues, then why would the state offices be open in an area where the roads were unsafe and not treated? Please know my work would not have suffered if I would have stayed home today.

  • Angel

    Stop it! They should have close the area off until they got VDOT to location. So it the building around those streets are responsible to make sure the employees are safe. The building along those streets should have been close. It was dangerous this morning state metro Richmond area should be held responsible. Who the responsible to make the call for downtown Richmond when this happen. IT should not happen again……Common sense or not!! They had 2 hour delay…if that didn’t work it should have remain close until noon!!!! Shutdown downtown location until VDOT got their. Now that common sense!!!

  • Clay Morrow

    I know the streets were treated and cleared in the public housing projects. I had to cut through a few of them today, and it was amazing. I guess the Feds handle those streets or the mayor takes care of his voters.

  • Clay Morrow

    BTW, Angel if you ever paid for school, ask for a refund. Judging by your command of the English language. I am guessing you are a state worker in senior management at VDOT or on the mayor’s executive staff.

    • Angel

      right, jhouie. Also, pick-ups have NO traction in the rear (unless they’re loaded with lots of weight…even then, it’s “iffy”. I miss my front-wheel drive cavalier.

  • Angel

    BTW….this is a DIFFERENT Angel than the one that replied yesterday. Guess I’ll have to change my name….LOL

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