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Criminals target exotic dancers on way home from work

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HENRICO, Va. (WTVR)-- In the early morning hours two weeks ago, an exotic dancer and mother of two was driving home to Henrico's West End after work when she says she was forced out of her SUV at a stoplight.

"I stopped at the red light, and two men got out of the car in front of me,” she said, not wanting to give her name.  “They pulled out a gun, and told me to get out of the car and lie on the ground.  They stole my purse and phone and quickly went away."

Fast forward two weeks when another exotic dancer, this one a Chesterfield mother of two, was driving home from the same club to her house in the Walnut Grove neighborhood off Genito Road.

“I was scared to death,” she said. “I ducked down and thought I was going to get shot." She, too, did not want to give her name.

She said two men quickly ran up on her as she was getting out of her car in front of her home. "Just as I reached down to get my purse, a guy ran up to the window and pointed the gun right at me.”

Not happy with the amount of money she gave up, she says the suspects asked to go inside her home. “I said, ‘there's no money in the house, just sleeping kids,’" she told me.

The suspects ran off.

The Chesterfield mom says the suspects’ identities were not concealed and they just kept yelling, “Don't look at me!” She says she did get a good look at suspect Terran Goode and called police.

After her frantic 911 call, Chesterfield Police found the suspects’ vehicle almost immediately at the intersection of Genito and Hull Street.  They followed it three miles east to the intersection of Pocoshock Boulevard and Hull Street where they pulled the car over.

Two other suspects, Daryan Kilgore and Edward Mason, have also been arrested.  All three are charged with two counts of robbery and one count of using a firearm in the commission of a felony.  Mason and Kilgore also face a charge of possession and transport of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Police sources told reporter Jon Burkett that the suspects were inside the vehicle counting the cash and had stolen phones, and one dancer’s stolen purse.

The Henrico victim told me she believes Goode was also involved in her incident.

So does the Chesterfield mom. "I definitely think the two cases are connected," she said.

Henrico and Chesterfield Police are now sharing notes and could charge the cases together.


      • Janice

        Not sure why “Thugs” are in parenthesis, kate. Anyone who stalks and follows a single mother from her job (be that a strip club OR a freaking law office) and, along with his buddies terrorizes her to give him money doesn’t deserve to be anything less than a “thug”. Sick, demented, twisted, and idiot are adjectives I would add to his personal character…

    • j.m

      do it really matter if they are from richmond or not you got ppl commiting crimes all over va ppl stop being so quick judge and assume where a person is from

  • donald

    love how the story mentions “mother of two” .um,here’s an idea ladies,how about you get a education before spitting out more kids for us to support?Fact is this money wasn’t getting taxed anyway so don’t worry your check will still arrive at the end of the month.

    • glen

      Didn’t see where it said she or her children were being supported by the taxpayers. She may well be earning enough as a dancer to support her family and she may be dancing to pay for school as well. Unless you have some inside information, who would know from this story?

    • LD

      Her kids are proud of who she is. So are her friends and family. She supports her children, pays her taxes. She is educated.

      You, however, are ignorant.

    • UndercoverAgent

      Dancers ARE taxed. And they’re taxed much higher than the average american. They are considered Independent Contractors, which means their paying both employer and employee tax. Depending on their bracket, that’s *roughly* thirty percent of their income.


    • athynz

      Okay 1) What gives you the impression that their wages are not taxed? 2) What gives you the impression that they are on welfare? and 3) What makes you assume that they are not also working on educations?

      donald your comment has to be hands down the most idiotic comment on this thread – chock full of baseless assumptions and ignorant prejudices.

  • scars

    Well, I’m glad they hid the identities of these women. How awful it would be for their kids to have their moms outed as exotic dancers. Life at school would be pretty tough for them if the other kids found out. Although, if it goes to trial, there won’t be any way to keep it private …

    • Paula Kennedy

      At least she is working and not having the Government write her a nice fat welfare check!! How do any of you know the circumstances behind them having 2 children? Could it be the Father left them and did not pay child support, maybe died with no life insurance? Nice to know some people on here are so flipping perfect they have no wrongs, sins, or errs in their lives. These women did not deserve this no matter what they do for a living!!! Kinda sounds like the ole she was wearing a really short dress so she deserved to be raped!!! Shame on all of you!!!

    • ho ho

      dancers make excellent money and are in excellent condition because you could’nt do it if they were’nt..most haters hate they are suited for reason for kids to be ashamed mom is a 10 and knows how to use is a job few women can make a career out of because it requires dedication.

  • Janice

    What an awful thing for these women to go through. I personally know one of the women and she is a very responsible mother as well as an educated woman who chooses to dance as a a financially positive way to support herself and her kids. And although not every bartender or “exotic dancer” etc pays taxes on money earned, she pays MORE than her share of taxes; as she was just complaining about this the other day (as all “small business” or independent contractors do during tax season) wake up and have some humanity for these women. And be glad they had the courage to stay calm and identify these men- putting criminals behind bars! Kudos to these moms for protecting themselves and their children…

  • Typical

    A lot of holier-than-though types here. Two women were robbed at gunpoint. Whether or not you, in all your sanctimonious fervor, approve of how they legally support themselves and their families is irrelevant.

  • E Z

    Probably their best paying customers who tip big because they know they’re gonna get all of it back anyways…Easy targets cuz dancers usually get paid cash….Really, they should be lucky the crooks only wanted the cash & not “you know what” too…What’s more disturbing are the assumptions that are immediately thrown out there whenever crime is reported…Some of you are just as guilty as the criminals the way you comment on the stories…It’s easy to hide behind a email address & online comment…Bring yall sorry behinds to the inner city & help make a difference instead of always posting BS remarks & by the way, crime doesn’t discriminate, it’s just more in poverty which some of you would be enjoying had your elder relatives not been slave masters…IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!

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