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Colorado group wants mandatory pre-wedding marriage classes

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DENVER (KDVR)  — A Colorado group wants to force couples to take pre-wedding marriage classes before walking down the aisle.

The group is working to get the measure, which would make it mandatory for every bride and groom to go through marriage counseling, on the ballot next November.

The proposal would require 10 hours of classes if it’s your first marriage. Twenty hours would be required for second marriages and 30 hours for third marriages.

The group needs 86,000 valid signatures by August to get the initiative on the ballot.


  • Blackbeered

    Waste of time and money … Catholics been doing this for years and their divorce rate runs with the average.

    What should be done is abolish “marriage” completely [force those lawyers to get real jobs] and require “partners” to post a $200,000 bond … and take two years of courses … prior to “having a child”.

    The bond’s returned when the “child” gets a job paying 3x minimum wage.

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