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Bill Murray signed up for Garfield thinking it was Coen brothers production

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Talk about getting lost in translation.

Actor Bill Murray revealed he signed on to star in the 2004 Garfield movie because he thought Joel Cen was writing it.

But he found out much too late it was another writer with a similar name. It was a Joel C-o-h-e-n, not C-o-e-n.

What a difference an “h” makes, according to Murray.

In a Reddit chat, he wrote he didn’t read much of the script beforehand, and he just assumed it would be great since it was by Joel Coen.

Joel is one half of the acclaimed Coen brothers.

Murray said he wasn’t thinking clearly when he read the script’s byline.

Months later, he went in to record his dialogue. He says that’s when he was surprised at how bad the writing was — and he learned of his misunderstanding.

Despite Murray’s assessment of the script, the movie did well at the box office, bringing in $200-million.

Murray ended up returning for a second installment in 2006, but that sequel went straight to video.

In his chat, Murray wrote he doesn’t think there will be a third Garfield movie.

You can read his full Reddit interview here: