Video shows police chase end in parking lot

Body of 18-year-old Chesterfield woman found under Dundas Bridge

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Dundas Road overpass

Dundas Road overpass

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA –Early Tuesday morning under the Dundas Bridge in Chesterfield County, near the back entrance to the Defense Supply Center Richmond, police were called after sources tell us a security guard discovered a female body.

“I saw all the lights,” said neighbor Fundador Caraballo.  “I circled around to go to the job, but they wouldn’t let us in and made us all go to the front gate.”

Police later identified the woman as 18-year-old Alyna Davis.

“I’m real shocked,” said Caraballo.  “My son called me from New York.  I didn’t realize it was her.”

Other neighbors said they, too, were stunned at the news.  Davis was well known in her community, and always with a smile while on the job at a Hopkins Road Wendy's.

"She was a really nice young girl," said Julie Roane who works right next door to the Wendy's.  She knows the pain of unexpected death.  She’s a mother whose son was murdered almost two years ago.  She says she understands well the pain the Davis family is feeling.

Police  say there were no obvious signs of trauma to the body and that her death is suspicious.

Neighbors tell CBS-6  she was a Community High School student from a very large family.

"I hope they find who did it or what exactly happened to her and detectives do it real quick,” said Roane.  “This is home, you know.  I work here every day.  It's scary."

Police urge anyone with information to contact the Chesterfield County Police Department at 804-748-1251 or Crime Solvers at 804-748-0660.


  • sw

    Is this the only information they have. Who is this young woman and does she have family. This is really sad that this young girl died alone under an overpass.

  • Rashaya aka Beautyy

    R.i.p Lyna i promise we will get to the bottom of this i love you and miss u very much life isnt fare the good die young save a spot for me in heaven girl trynna remember all the good times we shared….

  • John

    Well with a name like “HEADBUSTA” I highly doubt that she was a productive member of society, so all of these calls for justice seem a little in vain. Stay in school, ebonics will get you nowhere..

  • A productive member of society

    John, you know nothing of her life… Neither do I. However, a productive member of society wouldn’t be on the interwebs making assumptions about a deceased teenager. I hope you never have to deal with such a loss, but if you do, may the public also force those notions on your loved ones, making it that much harder for justice to prevail.

  • tonya

    Condolences to her family and friends..and fyi..her nickname has nothing to do with someone taking a life.May her family find some peace with the arrest of the person responsible for such a senseless act…Thoughts and prayers with you!

  • John

    I think you have it all wrong. That’s the gangsta motto is live by the sword die by the sword. I’m sick and tired of these thugs wantabe getting killed and then all this pity on the Internet. It is sad that life is gone but you choose a certain lifestyle.

    • Tammara

      First off you don’t know anything about her so don’t speak anything if you know nothing. Secondly she had a great heart and made a lot of people happy. So don’t ever come out your mouth reckless about her next time know something before speaking. People like you are what make this world hard to live in because you have no respect or self control. Next check the facts about someone before speaking out of line. Now have a good day and stay in your line. REST EASY ALYNA

  • Briana Childress

    I’m still in shock and my hurt is heavy. I miss her so much. She always smiled and was full of joy. She had goals and only to be 18 years old is sad. She will be truly missed. To her family I’m so sorry for your lost. I could just imagine the hurt and pain that your going through. I loved her like a sister. She will never be forgotten. Rest in paradise angel

  • Tammara

    I miss you and I love you rest easy baby girl watch over us and keep letting us know that your still here with us we love you. RIP Alyna

  • Belsma

    This is so sad, but I sort of agree with John in the fact that if you kids don’t want to get judged by others, please try to use some proper English in your posts. It does not look good for you or your friend/family member. The “internets” blogs can be harsh. I hope the friends and family can find some answers soon for their loved one.

  • Reggie Carter

    This is heart breaking. I would like to know where here loving and supportive family is, because I heard that there were no adults ever seen in the house this 18 year old girl lived in. I know someone who lives in the same neighborhood, which is right of the street from where I live. She threw parties all the time, and had other teenagers running in and out of the house smoking weed. So there is so much more to this situation that’s not being said.

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