Homeowner captures crash on video, praises Richmond Police

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – A Richmond homeowner was so impressed with the speed that Richmond Police responded to a weekend crash outside of his property, he wanted to share video of the incident with the entire city.

“You know, for every clown who posts a video about cops doing something wrong, I could make 10,000 of them doing things right,” Dallas Ryan wrote about the video. “I am in no way part of or connected to the department. I just appreciate that these guys do their job so well.”

Ryan said his home security system captured the Sunday morning crash on video. You can see a car slam head-on into another car that is parked along the 1400 block of N. 22nd St. in Fairmount.

The video, slightly edited for time, shows the speed with which officers respond to the situation.

“Considering that someone had to call the police, and assuming it took a minute for someone to come awake enough to actually make the call and the call to get dispatched, you could make an educated estimate that the first officer was on the scene in under 2 minutes,” he said.

Ryan said he wanted to make sure the officers in District 113 get the credit they deserve.

Richmond Police said the driver, 44-year-old Timothy Moore, was charged with reckless driving.


  • Becky

    Thank you, Dallas Ryan, for taking the time and effort to recognize
    and document those that Serve us all, everyday, no matter what they
    have to face on the job.

  • Mrs. Gift of Gab

    Wow… Glad we are insured he should have been charged with drunk driving. He was clearly intoxicated….. And blessed me nor my neighbor were in our vehicles you can replace a car but not life

  • Rob K

    Thank goodness noone was injured by that unsafe officer. Stops in the middle of the street. No emergency lights, no 4 way flashers, and he leaves his drivers door wide open unattended?His car looked like it was still running. Don’t they receive training before they go out on the public streets?

  • Lee Dalkiewicz

    Why would he say people that catch bad cops on camera doing terribly abusive things to people are clowns?
    I’m glad the crooked lieing aholes are being caught on camera……don’t cops have dash cams and record also?

  • Dallas

    Specifically, I was referring to a video that ran where a young adult refused to roll down a window and the cops in that situation acted inappropriately. But the kid refusing to roll down the window did not understand that when an officer pulls you over, either in a random DUI check or for a specific reason, you are technically under arrest. He failed to obey the officer. Therefore, he is a clown for making their job more difficult than it should be.

    These guys risk their lives every time they go to work. I am not suggesting that officers never make mistakes or act inappropriately, just that the majority of them are professionals keeping us safe and that I appreciate that they act like professionals even when they do not know the camera is there.

    I sleep better at night knowing that these guys in district 113 are on watch.

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