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Young child left on bus found wandering on road

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DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - A child spotted wandering along Courthouse Rd. Monday morning had been left alone on the bus, Dinwiddie Sheriff's investigators said.

The bus driver did not properly check the bus before leaving it parked near a church, sheriff's investigators told CBS 6 senior reporter Wayne Covil.

“In this case, one of our driers made a mistake” says Dinwiddie County Schools Superintendent David Clark Monday afternoon.

Clark says policy and procedures are in place to avoid what happened Monday Morning.

But that didn’t happen Clark says, Monday morning.

The five-year-old rode the bus to school, but was sleeping on one of the seats and didn’t get off.

As the bus driver finished up her route and parked the bus, Clark says she only walked part of the way back.

The five year old boy got off the bus, in the parking lot of Mount Level Church and started walking down Courthouse Road.

"A citizen walked into the Sheriff's Office and reported that a small child was walking up Courthouse Road, just south of the Sheriff's Office location” said Major William Knott, with the Dinwiddie County Sheriff’s Office.

Another driver stopped and stayed with the child, as a deputy was pulling up.

The small boy was then taken to school.

The status of the bus driver is unknown, as the School System says it is a personnel matter and can’t be discussed in public.

Superintendent Clark did say it is a veteran driver without any infractions in her time with the school system.

No charges have been filed in this case and the investigation is on-going.


  • Pam McCall

    Both the school and the bus driver are at fault here! First the bus driver should have checked the bus before leaving it, secondly the school should have contacted the childs parents after roll call had been made and seen the child was absent to see if the child was sick and the parents just hadnt notified the school yet. If that had been done the child wouldnt have been left alone!! thats just my opionion!!!

    • Nicole

      As a parent of a 5 year old at that school, they do call parents when they are absent. The phone calls are typically made around 9:30 AM, I guess in case the child is just late arriving. This is an extremely scary situation, I haven’t been notified by the school or sheriff’s department so I’m hoping it wasn’t my son.

    • Ann

      You are absolutiely correct! My son who is now 40 is profoundly deaf. He was left by a bus driver when he was 3 years old attending a public program for deaf children and found in the middle of an interstate by an electrical company lineman who spotted him from above! The lineman acted quickly and my son was not harmed. I can’t believe this kind of mistake is still occurring!!

  • Tracy Wilmoth

    Why didn’t the child get off the bus when the other students got off? And yes the driver should have checked before leaving the bus.

  • howard

    fact is a lot of teachers either don’t take roll call or make them up simply by assuming everyone is there,bus drivers can’t be bothered to get to stops on time never mind to check their buses.This issue will continue to come up until a electronic system is installed on buses to warn drivers of a passenger but then again states still push the idea that buses are safer without seat belts and driving anything but a 1980’s bus is stupid because of the cost to upgrade.

    • JessicaD41

      Boy, that is kind of a broad assumption that “Bus drivers can’t be bothered to get to stops on time never mind to check their buses”. This was one persons laziness, not bus drivers as a whole. I have been driving children to school for 12 years and have not left a child on the bus. Whatever your issue is with your driver in regards to their timeliness should be taken up with your district. Electronic systems and bus upgrades would be ideal, but the citizens tend to vote against higher taxes that would allow for these items in the school system’s budget.

  • Becky

    Can’t wait on some school spokesperson’s positioning statement,
    with excuses, for grown adults in positions of responsibility, with
    authority over our children. Taking awhile to craft a correct response
    to parents by the highly trained educators?.

  • D

    I drive a school bus and we have a few new buses that have a button near the ceiling of the bus, near the emergency exit door, that must be pressed when the ignition is turned off. This forces the driver to walk the entire length of the school bus and it is there for the purpose of making the driver walk to the back of the bus before they get off the bus. If you open the door to get off the bus without pressing that button, there are alarms and lights that go off and they do not stop until you either start the engine or press that button. I think every school bus should be upgraded to have these buttons…..but more importantly, every school bus driver needs to care about their students enough to make sure they don’t get left on the bus to begin with.

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