City Council unanimously slips Richmond the Diamond

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR)–On Monday City Council voted 9-0 to transfer the parcel of  property owned by the Richmond Metropolitan Authority and known as the Diamond, for the purpose of owning, maintaining or operating a  stadium, arena, or sport facility.

A vote on the ordinances had been delayed several times since being introduced by Mayor Jones in October.

The first ordinance is a release of easement for the purpose of parking located in the vicinity of North  Boulevard, Robin Hood Road and Hermitage Road. The second ordinance addressed the parcel sitting  at 3003 N. Boulevard.

The ordinances came before the “Loving RVA” Shockoe Bottom baseball stadium plans were introduced, which led critics to proclaim a sneak attack by the mayor. They said the ordinances must then assume the Shockoe deal was in the bag.

Others defended the ordinances and their timing. They said that a big issue of the 2014 General Assembly will be over equalizing RMA representation, in which the city could lose some influence. Chesterfield and Henrico are seeking equal representation now that debts to Richmond have been paid off, that helped finance the expressway system.

Chief Administrative Officer Byron C. Marshall said they didn’t want the transfer of the Diamond parcel to get caught up in that issue.

What’s happens next remains to be seen.



  • Becky

    Do not Trust Mayor Jones or His City Council.
    Everything is set up to suit, orchestrated, hidden, and down and dirty.
    They all seem to have been bought, owned, operated, and run by
    their favorited Special Interest Group Consortium of government mingled
    with the Richmond uber-rich Who’s Who, Corporate, Developers,
    Donors, Contributors, and Financiers that seek to rule over Richmond
    and Taxes and Public Facilities.
    They have deliberately taken the voice, vote, and say away from
    We The People along with our Taxes.
    Contrast McDonnel’s “Giftgate” to Jones’ Altria/Dominion Mosque,
    Bon Secours Redskins Park, Richmond Sports Backers/Venture
    Richmond Bottom Ball Park, Richmond 2015 Bike Championships,
    and giving away Monroe Park to some hidden entity.
    Jones is President of Venture Ricmond, Charles Samuels sits on its Board. Ellen Robertson sits on its Board.
    Venture Richmond set up and sponsored the Field Trip to Durham.
    Every Media outlet is a Advertising Partner.
    Is it Correct to Ignore blatant, outright Corruption, as advertised;
    not “Investigated”?

  • Glen Allen

    Becky – You forgot about the Westhampton School that got caught up along with another school in the Redskins deal. Has RPS received any of the tiny amount of rent being paid for the Westhampton building?

    • athynz

      Wasn’t there an article about a month ago that stated the school is being sold or was sold to St Mary’s? But yes I too would like to know if RPS has gotten any money for the rent of that building.

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