McDonnells may be gone, but they are not forgotten

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- Former Governor Bob McDonnell may be out of office, but his ongoing gift scandal is still a topic of political conversation.

Published reports say McDonnell still could potentially be indicted for receiving over $100,000 worth of gifts and loans from former Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams.

"McDonnell's legacy leaving office is certainly one of the most uncertain I have ever scene," Dr. Bob Holsworth, CBS 6 political analyst, said.

Newly sworn in Governor Terry McAuliffe, on his first day in office, appears resolute to not repeat any of McDonnell's past "mistakes."

Ours after his swearing in, McAuliffe signed his second executive order, banning any member of his family or his administration from accepting gifts over $100.

The executive order also establishes an ethics oversight commission, which will come at a taxpayer cost of $100,000.

While the McAuliffe executive order only applies to members of the executive branch, legislation is working its way through the General Assembly that could ban gifts to any Virginia official worth more than $250.


  • airjackie

    It’s not broke it doesn’t have to be fixed. If no violation was done why charge the policy. The Feds have to now decide if accepting gifts for favors is legal and it will open the door to other elected officials to use the Bob McConnell case as precedent in future legal cases.

  • Becky

    Media’s insatiable appetite to demean and defile McDonnell while heralding Jones and giving him carte blanche with a get home free card.
    Of course, then there is McAuliffe. Both protected, covered up, and
    ignored. How pointedly obvious.

    • Glen Allen

      Becky – “Responsible” media is not heralding Jones or giving him carte blanche with a get home free card, Jones is being called on the carpet for what appears to be exploiting (to use his own phrase) people that look like him. It shall be interesting to see if City Council members actually stand up for the people they represent (those that voted for them), of cave in to the Mayor. As for Mcdonnell, he has already paid the price for what he has done – his political career is over.

  • Becky

    There has been a 10-year long Government/Media, Inc. blitz to extort
    taxes to build a ball park for the well organized, rich, and influential special interest groups Consortium. Venture sent this Consortium
    on a field trip to Durham. Jones is President of Venture, Samuels and Robertson sit on its Board. Wonder how these Council members will
    vote? Venture’s partners include all media outlets.
    The Board, Contributors, Sponsors, Corporates and Partners are all on the who’s who list. They could all well afford to build there own ball park, sponsor the own bike races, and Redskins Training Field; but they
    want Taxes to pay for their Games. No Corruption Investigation by partner sponsoring Media. Must be PC.

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