Motorcyclist killed in Dinwiddie crash on Valentine’s Day

Man pulls shotgun out on would-be car jackers

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va (WTVR) - A Henrico man fired his shotgun into the air Friday, defending himself from would-be carjackers, according to police.

Police say the man met the two suspects when he went to the Staples Mill Townhomes complex along the 4100 block of Townhouse Road to look at a car he was interested in buying.

Callan Hisle is a resident in the area, and he is surprised by the violence occurring in what is normally a quiet area.

"That's outrageous to be happening in Henrico," Hisle said.  "This is a pretty...I mean there's a lot of kids around here.  There's a lot of kids around here."

The victim told police that when he met the seller he was with another man, who both told him to wait while someone brought the car for sale around. The two suspects then showed the victim a gun and robbed him of his money and car keys.

During the robbery, the man told police he pulled a shotgun out of his car and fired a warning shot into the air.

The suspects returned fire while taking off on foot. One of their bullets struck a building.

Police have yet to reveal must about the suspect descriptions or if the victim responded to an ad on Craigslist or otherwise. They say they are still searching for the suspects.

Police ask anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.


  • howard

    good for him.crooks get use to this response.sooner or later you will learn that some refuse to be your victim.too bad he didn’t hit them but maybe they learned a lesson

  • Clown Show Watcher

    So, the guy went to look at a car for sale, got robbed and shot a gun after he was robbed with one shot hitting a building. The headline that calls the thieves would-be car jackers is misleading, to be kind about it. I wonder how many other facts in this article are wrong. Once again I’m forced to find the story on other sites in order to learn what really happened.

  • Wayne Dwap

    to Clown Show Watcher: the bullet that hit the building was not from the victim, it was from the robbers that shot at the victims 4 times. why don’t you get your facts straight before you start commenting….

    and to RayJ fromVA: you tell me when the right time to use a gun is… if you just got robbed, you wouldn’t use your gun?

    • RayJFromVA

      The article says that he shot in the air. So was it a warning shot? Did he aim at them and miss? It’s supposedly the same type of act that killed that poor child in Brandermill. And I don’t think “getting robbed” is the criteria for firing a weapon. Protecting oneself from harm may be. If you are protecting yourself from harm you are aiming at the aggressor, not firing a shot into the air. Shooting in the air is irresponsible. It’s the same type of act that killed that poor boy in Brandermill last year.

  • suzy

    All of the people talking about how he shouldn’t shoot into the air…. It may seem irresponsible, but it sounds like the would be robbers were leaving the scene attempting to get the car. You can’t shoot someone as they are leaving (in the back), that’s not self defense. The guy would unfortunately be arrested for shooting criminals. But you bet your butt after they started firing back, I would have shot them dead.

    • Jeff H

      Except how were they leaving in his car when he stated that he pulled his weapon from his car and they returned fire. Something doesn’t add up.

  • Jeff H

    Why shoot in the air when confronted with men pointing a gun at you? This story doesn’t pass the “smell test.”

  • Sammirah Meowski

    And why are they releasing the descriptions of the suspects?

    Oh and for the people complaining that he shot in the air – it was a shotgun, we don’t even know what kind of shot he had in there, some buckshot pellets raining down somewhere isn’t going to kill anyone, in fact I doubt it would even dent a car.

    Also the suspects are the ones who fired and struck a building.

    He should have shot at them while they faced him and this wouldn’t even be an issue.

  • joe

    my definition of a ‘warning’ shot is center mass of the target. Follow up to the head if needed. Don’t draw a weapon if you are not prepared to use it.

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