Teen charged after Glen Allen High School lockdown

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GLEN ALLEN, Va. (WTVR) -  A 16-year-old boy has been charged with threatening to commit serious bodily harm to a person on school property following Tuesday's lock down at Glen Allen High School, according to Henrico Police.

"The threat was made by the 16 year old towards a male juvenile acquaintance. The 16 year old has been placed into juvenile detention and will have a court date later this month," police wrote.

The teenager faces one year in jail and/or a $2,500 if convicted, police said.

"The student was distraught over relationship issues he was having with another juvenile.  There was fear that he may try to harm himself or others," police said.

Police locked down the high school about 12:15 p.m. and SWAT team members searched for the student. The student was not at school. The lock down was lifted about 2:20 p.m. after the student was taken into custody at his Glen Allen home.

Police said no weapons were found on the student or at his home.

Additionally, officers said this should be a lesson to other students.

"If you threaten someone whether it's verbally, written, through electronics or social media, people never know exactly when somebody's serious or when they think they're kidding," Lt. Linda Toney with the Henrico Police Department said. "So, every time you think about that you need to take it very seriously."

Legal expert Todd Stone told CBS6 if the teen is found guilty, the judge has a number of punishment options.

“For a juvenile, everything is open here, he could be getting community service if he's convicted, he could be put on probation, or he could actually go to detention and serve time in detention,” Stone said.

Stone said judges in the juvenile court system work to rehabilitate kids so they can live a full life outside of prison.

“They could give him some therapy, or anger management, if this looks like it was a relationship issue, and he didn't act well toward the relationship,” Stone said.


    • athynz

      @kitty and cherober – And don’t forget the DC Sniper – and his accomplice neither one of whom were white men. Then there was the dude strung out on bath salts eating people. Another non-white person. We can also address acts of terrorism – yes Timothy McVeigh was a white man but none of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center were piloted by white men.

      The point? That violence – or any other behavior good or bad – is not restricted to one “race”. It’s a point I hope you take to heart.

      • athynz

        So your reverse racism makes everything somehow okay, right? It somehow makes the plight of black people so much more bearable? Ever hear of a saying that goes something like “Two wrongs don’t make a right?” Racism is wrong no matter who it comes from. Now sit down, be quiet, think about it, and allow the adults to have some real talk rather than us have to listen/read your racist trolling. Thanks.

    • Paula Kennedy

      I bet you he is looking for attention and he got it!! Poor thing, between the iPhone, iPad, iPod, computer, and gaming units he probably got bored and decided he would really step it up a notch. This kid will walk instead of getting time and hopefully a good ole a** beating. Every time a kid does something wrong, he is mentally ill. How about the parents step up and be parents for once.

  • kitty

    U name one state….and 1 black shooter…. y’all have TV shows too….lifetime network…deadly women…behind mansion walls… women behaving badly….lockup aboard… neighbor next door…cold blood..wicked attraction.. sins and lies..homicide hunter….etc…do who are the real criminal…all we have is 1 show first 48…get real white america

    • athynz

      Sounds like you have issues – perhaps some envy or jealousy issues? Face it NONE of us really have anything – essentially we are all slaves of a sort… pawns put into play by the people with the money and power. We can either accept our roles and squabble like spoiled children or let go of the hate, let go of the racial divides, let go of the fear and embrace our differences. Personally I prefer not to dance to their tune – if you want to keep being a pawn that’s your call. You can either blame all the white people for all the ills of the world or you can take off the blinders.

  • kitty

    Oh and killer kids….that’s a lot of violence for one race…goes all they way back to 1800’s…..watch a few…

  • todd

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    • kitty

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  • Lynn

    why must it always be about race, it’s about the violence. Important factor is not whether it’s black or white the important thing is that people are being killed over nonsense, and it needs to stop.

    • mildmannered scorpion

      I agree with you Llyn, i get tired of every thing being turned into something about race. Theres really to much hate going around.

  • yall not informed

    I go to Glen Allen and the kid isn’t even white. He’s not black either. It’s sad that this has come to a race thing. Maybe you can learn from our generation that stereotypes and generalizations will never enable peace, so just forget it. If you focus on race, religion, or nationality all you’re doing is creating reasons not to like someone you’ve never met. Class of 2014. Yall can lup (which means shut up with that hateful shit). Have a nice day :)

    • 40 year old white girl

      Wow, I guess a high school kid just told you guys like it is. Ha Ha, laughing my @ss off right now.

      • kitty

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    • kitty

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      • Eli Thomas

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    • margaret

      Love what you had to say. You make more since than some of these adults. I am proud of you and your way of thinking. Its people who think like you that will make this world a better place. Hats off to you.

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  • erin

    yes the white race has issues and we must deal with those.but at the same.Our schools have become dumb down,our taxes have gone up and our neighborhoods ruined.I myself could care less about any race but the race to the top,the race for equal rights based on education and work rather then just skin color.Does one race get the job based on a free education provided by tax payers versus one that has worked and payed for education simply do to skin color?Is that fair.Both races commit crimes but look at the facts instead of headlines.Look up crimes,race and numbers.The facts are there and if you keep denying they will continue to show in no way are we equal.The haves and the have not”s have become the had and the got now because you did.Not fair.Again look at the facts,google it,all of you clearly have internet.Facts are there and do not lie.Blacks are locked up more,because they commit more crime,not whitey’s fault,and yes your race card has been denied yet you continue to play it.its old.Sure this white kid will get help,but bet you his parents foot the bill,not the gov.bye bye now

  • kitty

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  • Glen Allen

    It is a shame we have been reduced to this. Kids have been threatening one another forever, it use to be settled in woods after school. I know we have to be careful today because of what “could” ,and “has”happen in the not so long ago past. I guess it is because there is something in the water these days that make kids threats more a reality. Very sad.

  • M.L. Adams

    I realize the county is trying to keep from looking like fools, here, given their response, but every single report I’ve seen states that the police have no evidence, whatsoever, that the student was ever on the school property, on the day in question! If true, how could he have threatened a person on school property?

    It was reported that a student, in class, called his mother and said that a student was in that class, with a gun, and that this started the whole thing. If this is correct, then that is the student who should be in custody!

    • RDM

      In addition, they said they search the students home and found no weapons in his house or on him. How was he planning to carry out his threats ???

    • loritannre

      Yes the student who called mom should be charged w. Inciting a riot….or attempting to make fools out of adults

  • shawn

    i don’t like how CBS 6 wouldn’t post my post!! just because i am giving cold hard facts and telling the truth about the matter and how dumb this “kitty” girl is?? freedom of speech!??!!??! what a joke yall are..

    “Awaiting Moderation” my ass

    • kitty

      Well Shawn apparently your facts or you matter….
      Your insults are nothing to anyone….move on…new subject… geez

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