Teenage boy shows up to hospital with gunshot wound

Henrico Police investigate shooting at West End party

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - Police are investigating the connection between a loud party and shooting in Henrico's West End.

A shooting victim showed up at Henrico Doctors with a gunshot wound as officers responded to the Saturday night party along the 2700 block of Skipwith Rd., police said.

According to Lt. Alvis, Henrico Police, officers encountered a larger number of people in the home and in the yard.

The victim was later taken to VCU Medical Center. Sources told CBS 6 the victim arrived in critical condition, however police have not released information on theĀ  victim's condition.

Police closed a section of Skipwith Rd., between Lisa Ln. and Donder Rd., during the investigation.

Police are still investigating.

This is a developing story.


  • david

    its coming to a neighborhood near you soon.Henrico police has lost total control around here and it’s the same story day after day.This county went from one of the best to just su*cking in the last 5 years and we all know why.I imagine soon Henrico will just merge with the city to become a small Detroit.good luck

    • Tez

      Why David??? you stated we all know why, so why? it could be numerous of contributing factors, what’s your claim?

  • byGeorge

    Ah, must be PC.
    Seems with all the party goers inside and outside knowledge and descriptions would be easy to obtain.
    All is becoming Too Transparent to be Ignored, protected, and favorited
    under PC.gov and their Media. That MO/SOP of run, hide, refuse, and excuse has Run its course, in Show & Tell, but nevertheless, is the courted Politics of the Day and Empire.
    The Hope & Change with all out Public Safety to usher in more chaos,
    turmoil and conflicts to Martial Law; for Mo Power, is glaring.

  • johnny

    tez,youre silly.you don’t know this area like I do.those who live around here know whats going on and to keep ignoring the issue just feeds it.play dumb,go ahead.thanks

  • Joe the p

    Somebody better call Eric Cantor because those young booze drinking keg kicking republicans are running amuck in the west end..

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