3-year-old dies after dental procedure

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(CNN) — Finley Boyle, a 3-year-old Hawaiian girl who suffered massive brain damage after undergoing a dental procedure last month, died Friday night, her family’s lawyer said Saturday.

The girl died with her relatives in attendance at Hospice Hawaii’s Kailua home, said the lawyer, L. Richard Fried Jr., of Cronin, Fried, Sekiya, Kekina & Fairbanks.

Her parents are suing a Kailua, Hawaii, dentist, alleging negligence and dangerous conduct.

The lawsuit, filed against Lilly Geyer and her practice, Island Dentistry for Children, alleges improper medications with incorrect dosages were administered to the girl on December 3, according to court documents filed this week.

“As a direct and proximate result of the medications administered to (Finley) by defendants, (Finley) suffered cardiac arrest during her dental procedure,” the lawsuit says.

It alleges that, as a further result of improper medications, Finley “suffered severe and permanent brain damage.”

Geyer and her attorney, John Nishimoto, did not respond to CNN’s requests for comment. The Island Dentistry website states it has been permanently closed and directs patients to an e-mail address.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in Hawaii’s First Circuit Court, alleges that Geyer had no plan in place to respond to medical emergencies, such as the one Finley suffered. It seeks unspecified damages.

Finley’s mother, Ashley Boyle, said she first took her daughter to the dentist in November, when she was told her daughter needed six fillings and four root canals, she said.

They returned in December to undergo the root canals, Boyle said.

The parents allege that Finley was sedated and left unmonitored for 26 minutes.

Finley was moved from a hospital to a hospice in late December.

Finley’s pediatric neurologist, Dr. Gregory Yen, said MRIs showed the girl suffered severe brain damage and that she was in a “persistent vegetative state.”


    • Ali

      Please don’t judge her parents, some kids do not have strong enamel on their teeth, antibiotics can wear it down as well (perhaps she was prone to ear infections), etc. Usually with that much damage there is a reason behind it that doesn’t involve massive candy or never brushing. Poor baby, that is heartbreaking. I can’t imagine the hell her parents are enduring right now. :(

  • Susan

    Baby teeth have roots just like adult teeth. If there are no roots the tooth is dead. As Ali wrote, something was wrong with the girls teeth that must have gone way beyond bad hygiene. Normally, a three year old that has never brushed a day in their life should not have that much damage. Something was very wrong with her teeth that MUST have been out of her parents control. I can’t even imagine what they are going through.

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