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Record-breaking year for Virginia gun sales

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - It appears Virginia broke a gun sales record in 2013.

There were more than 479,000 gun transactions last year, according to the Virginia State Police Firearms Transaction Center. A gun transaction equals the number of times a background check was conducted by a licensed gun dealer at the time of a purchase.

The 479,000 transactions in 2013 were a 10 percent increase from 2012 and the most since the state started its background check program in 1989.

A transaction does not equal the number of guns sold at one time, state police said. The number also does not take into account if a would-be gun buyer was denied a purchase due to the background check.


  • PCGov

    Gee, just can’t imagine why.
    Locally, the Mayor is afraid of his own constituents and needs and requires his own tax paid safety and protection detail.
    Public Safety on the mean, dangerous, often deadly streets not his
    highest priority. Nationwide, the problems escalate. Government
    can’t protect US, Government cant Control convicted felons’ guns.
    Government can’t Control Controlled areas. Government can’t control the Catch/Release/Repeat justice system, and certainly, Government
    has proven that Government can’t Control Government.

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