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Only half of female Marines could do required pull-ups

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WASHINGTON D.C. (WTVR)—A newly released report declares that half of female Marines in boot camp are unable to execute the minimum standard of three pull-ups.

This standard of three pull-ups minimum applies to male and female Marines.

As a result of the data, the Marines have delayed the requirement that was part of the process to equalize physical standards to integrate women into combat jobs.

Gen. James F. Amos, the Marine Corps commandant, told the Associated Press  last  August that “early steps to begin moving women into artillery, tank air defense and combat engineer units have been successful, but the more difficult tests lie ahead.”

The Marines intend to maintain the same standards for men and women, as thousands of jobs opened in February 2012 that allowed women into smaller units closer to fighting and once considered too dangerous.

Now that the test requirement has been postponed, officials said that women will be able to choose which test of upper-body strength to be graded on in their annual physical fitness test.

 Their choices:

-Pullups, with three the minimum. Three is also the minimum for male Marines, but they need 20 for a perfect rating.

-A flexed-arm hang. The minimum is for 15 seconds; women get a perfect score if they last for 70 seconds. Men don't do the hang in their test.

The findings and suspension aren’t without controversy.

It “is a clear indication" that plans to move women into direct ground combat fighting teams will not work, said Elaine Donnelly, president of the conservative Center for Military Readiness and a critic of allowing women into infantry jobs, reported the AP.

Of the roughly 200,000 Marines enrolled, 13,700 are female, reports the AP.


  • joshua

    i was infantry in the marines, i carried over 100 pounds of gear on sniper missons…every other day we would patrol on foot for an average of 4 miles in and 4 miles back out. women bodies are not built nor made for that type of abuse. they are meant to be child bearing, nurturing, loving, and caring vessels of love and beauty. not front line war and physical abuse…semper fi.

  • Carmen

    Women just naturally don’t have the upper body strength to compete with men in physical strength. I was an Officer in the military and I attended Airborne School with my male counterparts and I had to develop my upper body strength during just those three weeks of training to be able to carry the parachute, now I had to do what I had to do to make it through and if that meant passing the same test as the men then that’s what I had to do, I had to personally dig in and make it happen I didn’t rely on someone coming saying awww she cant keep up so lets lower the standard so she can make it…if you want to do what the guys do then do it!!… stop whining! dig in and get it done!
    …when the guys don’t make it or cant cut it they wash out whats the difference……this is what you asked for when you wanted women to become a part of the Combat Arms units and now you whine because its is a challenge ….Rise up and meet the challenge!….if you cant then stay in the Combat Support Units where you can do the most good!!…..The military is a fine working machine without the glitches of having women on the front lines in direct line of fire men have a natural instinct to protect the female gender they don’t need that type of distraction in a wartime situation…..needless to say a man can get by without bathing for a thirty day stint in a field situation …a woman physically cannot do it i don”t care how butch she is… mother nature wont allow it!!….the enemy would just need to be a few clicks downwind and their position would be pinpointed you will STINK!!!. ….Women I’m not saying you cant do it ….but if you do….. expect to be held to the same physical standards as the men!

  • Glen Allen

    I don’t think this should be a woman vs. man “thing”. If the women can pass the test, then they should have the same oportunity as the men if they want it, but I do not think the requirement should be reduced, a that puts women (and men that fail), in harms way.

    Three (3) pull-ups….really? Has it always been just three (3)

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