Chesterfield man claims bed bug infestation came from rented furniture

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[ooyala code=”ZheWloajo2CmeoYek8iSUBPcwmieIPBS” player_id=”6c21d43b06ee4460a29e40d9542c86ae”]CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WTVR)–It’s a small pesky problem that’s turning into a huge headache for one Chesterfield man. He says his home is now being invaded by bedbugs and thinks he knows exactly why.

The man, who opted not to give his name says his nightmare started back in mid-December when he purchased a living room sofa set from Rent A Center on Jefferson Davis Highway in Chester.

He says the delivery guys dropped it off at his newly purchased home and left the sofa in an empty living room.

“They saw that it was an empty home and they were the ones that put the furniture in here. To have the bedbugs only appear once they moved the furniture items like the pillow, they flipped over the couch and we saw more bugs, they knew it came from the store,” the customer explained.

He says he first noticed the problem when a bug crawled on his mother and then on him within a day of the furniture being delivered to his home.

The customer told CBS 6 News he contacted the store and the delivery guys came back out.

“They came to inspect the furniture and went through the crevices. They found remnants of bed bugs and then they threw the furniture out the door and we saw more bugs on the carpet. The workers continued to apologize,” the man said.

He adds the company later sent someone out to spray chemicals but he claims he has seen more bugs since then.

By phone, Rent A Center spokesman Xavier Dominicis told CBS 6 the store in question has no history of bedbugs and they routinely use professionals to inspect all of their stores.

That was done a few days before the customer purchased his sofa set, according to Dominicis. He added they use sanitizing products on all of the items that come in and out of their stores.

Even though the company says there’s no way to prove the bugs came from their store, as a customer service gesture, they are doing all they can to work with the upset customer, even offering to send an exterminator to his home.

The customer says that’s not enough. He believes Rent A Center should pay for a complete home treatment and follow up visits.

“The crawly feeling you have, I mean, these are parasites and I see these big red marks on my body, that’s the effect I’m having right now” the man added.

CBS 6 News checked in with bedbug experts at Loyal Termite and Pest Control. Bryan Vaughan tells us people should consider the risks when they buy used furniture items from yard sales, second hand and thrift stores.

He says inspect everything thoroughly before taking it anywhere near your home.

“Look for small dark black marks along the edges of mattresses and along the seams of the sofas. They look like someone took a black felt tip pin and made lots of little dots. If you see that, the bugs usually aren’t far away,” Vaughan explained.

He says it could take a few treatments to get rid of the bugs. Vaughan says the good news is that so far it hasn’t been proven that bed bugs carry disease.

“That’s the good part, but that doesn’t do anything for the mental anguish,” Vaughan said.


  • troy

    whats this whine night on the news.Here’s a idea for you idiot.If you don’t want bed bugs don’t rent your it,keep filthy people out of your house and if you do get them,don’t whine to the media

  • Dahai Dong explains how to convert entire bed into a trap with sleeper as inaccessible CO2 bait. It kills 100% bed bugs no matter where they hide as easy as kill 100% ants by bait.
    Here are facts of bed bugs: Legal chemical residual is not active. Bed bugs starve in a few of weeks without blood meal confirmed by catching them into a glass jar at room temperature. Bed bugs hide inside electronics, under carpet, and behind wall. A bed bug lays up to 300 eggs.
    Here are common senses: More than 99% bed bug feeding chance is at night. A bed bug must crawl to top of bed before it bites. If you apply a sticky barrier surround your bed, bed bugs can’t crawl to top of bed. Bed-sized trap achieves this goal.
    Here is a list of poor methods:
    1) Heating entire room to 120F fails if electronics are infested because few of electronic makers offer warranty at 120F which may damage CO alarm.
    2) Professional vacuum, chemical, and steam service requires multiple visits, expecting to kill bed bugs inside electronics and behind wall on one of their next visits. People may suffer endless cycles of killing at daytime, feeding at night, and expecting new eggs per bite.
    3) CO2 trap kills bed bugs, but most bugs bite people and lay eggs fast. Why don’t you scale up the trap from dish size to bed size and replace CO2 container by sleeper as inaccessible CO2 bait? So that the last bed bug must starve soon after it consumes energy on seeking food every night.
    4) Mattress encasement seals bed bugs inside mattress. This is as nonsense as a camper sleeps outside tent and uses the tent to cover/protect a bush from mosquitoes. Bed-sized trap and tent have similar function to stop bites forever. Mattress or bush does not need any protection.
    5) To ensure bed bugs will not hide in clothes before next professional spray service, you must heat most in-house clothes and keep them bed bugs free. Your working load on heating and proper storage no including service is 10 times higher than setting up bed-sized trap which stops bites at night immediately and forever by yourself.

  • Glen Allen

    It sounds like the store has done all that should be expected. Bed bugs do not necessarily come from dirty people, but they are transferred by people. You can buy furniture off the floor from the finest store in town, and if someone sat on the furniture previous to the purchase, you can still get them.

  • Shelly

    I know how he feels. I went through a year of hell with bed bugs in my house before finally coming up with a method that was successful in getting rid of them. For those who have never experienced bed bugs in your home, you have no idea the mental torture one can experience with them in the home. I would have never imagined it until I experienced it myself. I hope to god I never get one in my house again and as a result, I am overly paranoid whenever I have guests or when I stay in hotels.

  • Spike G.

    There is nothing wrong with getting used furniture especially in today’s economy. Bed bugs have been found in 5 star hotels! I know of people just throwing furniture away because of bed bugs. I found a natural bed bug killer called Scram Crawling Insect Killer. You can put the powder on your furniture. It kills bugs in 24 hours. The website states it kills them within 48 hours. It can be used like a carpet deodorizer and you just need to follow the steps of the bed bug treatments at This will tell you the steps to properly treat for bed bugs. I hope this helps!

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