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Former First Lady named Va. Education Secretary

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Virginia Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe has chosen Anne Holton to be Virginia's next
Secretary of Education.

Holton is listed as Director of Great Expectations, a program that "helps Virginia’s foster youth complete high school, gain access to a community college education and transition successfully from the foster care system to living independently," according to its website.

Holton is the daughter of former Virginia Governor Linwood Holton and wife of former Virginia Governor and current U.S. Senator Tim Kaine.

Holton served as a juvenile and domestic relations district court judge before her husband was elected governor.

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  • Jennifer

    She is lovely! Hopefully she’ll get rid of the deputy secretary, Javaid Sidiqqi. He’s a sociopathic political climber to the 1000th degree.

  • PCGov

    Those Political Friends keep getting Political Pay Offs for doing exactly
    what they are told and holding the Political Line, obediently and faithfully. Kaines are especially well connected and especially well
    Rewarded for being Obama’s good little soldiers.
    Wasn’t he the one that showed Obama how to Derail Wisconsin’s
    State Government for favorites. Now he’s working on the Nation
    for Obama’s sake, again. Obama’s SERVANTS, not Country’s; not

  • Clay Morrow

    I thought cronyism was bad at city hall…this is ridiculous. I am sure these positions were promised over a year ago.

  • Clay Morrow

    She is well qualified, I assume to be a lawyer she went to school for a lot of years. I drink a lot of beer, so I should be CEO of Anheiser-Busch.

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